Villach-Spa falakdeh

شهریور 19, 1396
The Falcade Spa, or Felkhad Tonekabon Mineral Spa, is located in the Lierahr, its path is from the Khorramabad road inside the city of Tonekabon and before the bridge of the Cheshmeh Kilah, and after crossing the city of Khorramabad, it reaches the Latex Road, from this location After passing through the bridge, there is a small distance between the three thousand liters of runways, from which the road continues to earth. The entire distance of Tonekabon to the traditional village of Felakdah is 33 km. Hot water with a moderate temperature along the Lierser River and a cool water spring with massive woods and tree-covered mountains is very interesting for the tour and various tourist groups. Falkade Mineral Spa is one of the best sources of tourism for its medicinal properties and biodiversity, especially vegetation.
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