Video tutorials include advertising villa rentals and services on villa rental site

آبان 13, 1396
Video tutorial insertion ad in villasco
Video tutorials on how to insert a villa and a residence for listing and renting a villa 24 hours a day and on a nightly site on the site Villasco

1- Insert ad
In the first step, on the site of the villa, an option is called an advertisement, usually located at the top of the site, on the villa and on the left. Clicking on the option to enter the ad’s page will return the advert to you in the villa.

2- Selecting the ad group for property and related services
In the second step, add an ad in Villascho, depending on the property of the group you are looking for. At this point, you need to have the precision in determining the group because the display of your villa and your accommodation depends on the selection of the group. In the service sector, tourism-related activities are defined.

3- Select the ad plan
Be careful when choosing an ad plan! Because the way your villa and villa is displayed depends on your chosen plan. The duration of the advertisement, the number of uploadable images and videos can be selected.

4- Hashes and introduction of villas and residences
In the section on entering the properties of the residence and the villa to pay enough, you are introducing your product and your goods, and since you can not personally advertise your goods, you will be very bored with a lot of boredom and the bag of your residence and villa. Description To help you get the most out of every angle imaginable with the help of the images and video you show your property.
Use the full capacity of the villas, detailed descriptions of the villa and tourist resorts nearby, villa facilities for rentals or if you have a limit.

5- Upload pictures of villas and villas in villas
The number of uploadable images depends on the type of layout you selected in the ad type. If you want to upload more images, use the previous step option and change your plan.
If you need a professional imaging team, contact the site support site with Villasho’s professional team with the most up-to-date equipment and professional clip art from your villa and your accommodation.

6. Upload a video of a rented property
Upload video is like pictures. You can not upload video with any volume, so consider this in the ad insertion.
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