Ramsar Royal Palace or Marble Palace

شهریور 19, 1396
The royal palace of Ramsar or the marble palace is one of the most exquisite works of the Pahlavi era in northern Iraneh, which was commissioned by Reza Shah Pahlavi in ​​1316 and used until the 1979 Revolution as a royal family residence. This palace is located among one of the most interesting and diverse gardens in Iran. The monument of the palace is made up of white marble in ivory with four columns of marble carvings, and on the two sides of the staircase behind the palace there are two statues of the marble tiger. After the revolution, this palace is owned by the Mostazafan Foundation and is considered to be a publicly visible museum of the Caspian Sea
The exhibits featured in this museum include furniture, candlesticks and antique buffets, bronze sculptures and exquisite marble, as well as pieces from world-famous artists. In the courtyard of the palace, there is a 23-meter high cavernous tree planted in 2013 solarium.
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