The best restaurants in the north of the country

آبان 15, 1396
Certainly, one of the concerns of Azizi’s travelers traveling to northern Iran is finding good food-quality food.
Here are some good restaurants in northern Iran.
Chalous Road :
Orchid Restaurant / km 12 Chalous Road from Karaj
In Ramsar:
Friends Restaurant / Address: Imam Khomeini Square, Imam Khomeini Boulevard /
Khavaran Khan’s traditional restaurant / Address: Chaboksar to Ramsar, Saral /
Restaurant Ferry / Address: Ramsar Road - Yasmine St. /
Brothers’ Restaurant / Address: Ramsar, Ramek, Shahid Motahari
In Tonekabon:
The cafe of the Meysam / Tonekabon restaurant has two thousand cars
Amir Tobaie Restaurant / Tonekabon Square of Imam (h)
In Swan Motel:
Italian Restaurant Dano / Salman-san not reaching to the magnificent towers of the village of Sweet
In salt water:
Ayarr Restaurant / One kilometer after Abrood salt, Ahangkola, next to Iran Clown
In nowshahr:
Hasan Rashti Restaurant / Noshahr, North Ferdowsi Avenue, opposite Fajr Terminal
Damon / Nowshahr Restaurant, Km 5, Nowshahr to Nour Road
In the light:
The theme of your restaurant / Light after the city of Izid, its area of ​​thought, opposite the theme of Narenjestan
In Mahmoudabad:
Four Seasons Restaurant / Mahmoudabad Mole Ave.
Pool Restaurant / Mahmoudabad, Moalem Blvd, km 3, Mahmoudabad and Fereydunkar Road, Pearl Harbor, Caspian Sea Coast
In Amol:
Dumbo / Basij Boulevard, after women’s park
Laleh Zar Restaurant / Haraz Street, Alley of Truth
In Babylon:
Small house / Babol street, Madras street, in front of the Treasury, Shahriar commercial center
Pote Babil Restaurant / Not to the Nushirowan Park, above Basij 11
In Babolsar:
Italian Restaurant Fikano / Babolsar 1 kilometer road
Haj Hassan / Babolsar Belt of the Amirkola Band on the Big Bright 7
In sari:
Shalli / Sari Restaurant, Sea Road (Farah Abad), Campus Shopping Center
Italian restaurant Milan / Cultural street, the connoisseur’s end, right
Haj Hassan / Sari West Belt, next to Bar Bar
In Behshahr:
Touristic Restaurant / Behshahr Tape Abbas Abad

Note that in all the northern cities there is a chicken chain Akbar Chicken and you can enjoy the delicious food of these restaurants.
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