Impact of travel on human health

آبان 22, 1396
Dictionaries have provided similar definitions of travel. In the definite culture, travel is said to mean going out of your city and going to another place, also means breaking the distance and the way from a place to a distant place.
If we want to mention the most important effects of travel and leisure, we can say that reducing mental and psychological stresses, getting out of your daily routine, feeling cheerful and joyful, relieving fatigue, achieving visual and auditory diversity, gaining experience Increasing sense of intimacy, strengthening the foundation of the family, achieving a sense of collective spirit and participation can be among the effects of travel and recreation among individuals and families.
In the Holy Qur’an, this passage reads: "Always say," say on earth, and travel. " In fact, it is a journey of the human soul that, by seeing places of interest and beautiful landscapes, delights the human spirit.
Traveling in addition to creating vivacity in the individuals and social benefits mentioned, it can also individually increase self-esteem, self-esteem, personality development, motivation, self-awareness, and reducing the internal tensions of individuals, and this has a good therapeutic role. , Provided that at these moments they are not lonely think about their future concerns and problems, they will think about their abilities and their talents. The effects of both large and small travel will change the way of life. Sometimes these effects are positive and can sometimes be negative. The greatest positive impact is the travel experience.
Imam Ali (AS) said: It is worth the trip 5.
* Overcoming discomfort and depression
* Gaining profit from business and business
* Obtaining knowledge
* Human Ethics
* Meeting with the elders and savior
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