Late bird migration to northern Iran due to cold

فروردین 19, 1397
According to Peak Neka, the Swallowtail, the Beetle, Sabzqba, dark sea swallows, small butterflies, wetland cesspools, purple herons, including 30 species of spring birds, usually migrate to Mazandaran reservoirs late in March and March.
According to the population of these birds, there are more than 150 to 200 thousand wings.
The head of the Mazandaran Wildlife Ministry said that in the spring of this year, this northern part of the country has more hosts of birds passing through wetlands and reservoirs in other provinces.
Curve Rabiee added: "In the current situation, due to the low air temperature, somewhat delayed the passage of birds of the spring, but still remains the host cities of the birds.
He announced the number of species of spring birds in about 30 species with a population of 150 to 200 thousand wings.
Mazandaran, in addition to the Mozzarella Mozzarella with its 68-hectare area, which is one of the 600 biosphere reserves, has about 800 waterfalls and reservoirs, which annually provide 150 winter-bird species with a population of more than one million and 500 thousand wings.
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