What is internet advertising?

مهر 26, 1396
Internet Advertising History

Internet advertising was first displayed on banner on October 27, 1994 and on HotWay site 3. When the HotWayer realized that there was a limited space for advertising, banner ads were created.

At that time, 14 design advertisers paid $ 30,000 to show their 12-week ads (Kai and Mindaug 1999). In 1995, the Web was accepted as a public media. San Microsystem 4 has released the Java language this year. In 1996, Alsace 5 launched the first business chat room. Table 1 highlights some of the important Internet advertising industry events.

The Internet Advertising Trend in the World

Internet advertising has seen huge growth since its inception (1994) through 2007. The volume of Internet advertising revenue reached $ 1307 million in 2007 from $ 267 million in 1996. But between 2001 and 2002, the industry saw a negative growth. Growth trend has reversed in 2003 and we are witnessing positive growth in this industry again.

Online Advertising in Iran

It has come to light that corporate executives have expressed doubts about the success of Internet commercials in Iran (due to the slowness of the IT process compared to other countries in the world) and do not know the feedback of this advertising industry comparable to that of other countries in the world. If we look at the model of technology entry in Iran, we will see that the results are exactly the same as in other countries, but with a slight delay. In other words, TV was popular in Iran, like other countries, but delayed. This has happened for the Internet. So, Internet advertising will soon find its way into the corporate advertising budget. We will soon see that other executives will not be asking if Internet advertising is effective. Despite the fact that the Internet and culture and its related needs in Iran are more recent than the other countries, they are progressing much more rapidly due to the younger Iranian society.

Why is there an advertising agency for online advertising?

Banner ads are mostly "based on the number of ads you want to see, the most commonly used online advertising method in the world." The reasons for using online advertising include:

- Experiences and expertise to select the method and places and the appropriate budget

- Provides specialized counseling based on the main elements of advertising (goals, target community, needs and contacts)

Advertising tools and facilities (website independent compilation, scheduling, geographic location)

-Monitoring and checking daily ads (checking banner clicks and rate feedback)

- Analyzed weekly and monthly statistics

-Collaborate all websites to protect customer rights and anticipate violations and possible problems

-Should spread ads between several websites with the lowest budget

-Use the latest popular advertising techniques in the world

-Programming to get more feedback

-Controlling the sales cycle

- No price difference with websites while offering advertising services

- Use special promotional promotional items for the benefit of our customers


Why is internet advertising?

According to Forster’s propaganda report, roughly 60 percent of banner ads play a significant role in increasing the recognition of brand names in the same conditions.

Other Advertising Indicators

Cheaper than other media, the process is easy and fast, wide-ranging, focused and purposeful, the ability to track viewers is not dependent on time and space, the ability to accurately target the main audience, the ability to quickly and inexpensively analyze feedback and change in procedures, low initial fees, Wide area of ​​access.

And in general, internet advertising is a great way to make the world aware of its products or services in a very low-cost way.

Business models

The business model refers to a business idea and a strategic plan on how to get money for a business. Effective Internet advertising should have a good business model that will drive that business.

Examples of online business advertising models include:

A content-based business model

Based on this business model, internet publishers should increase their site traffic by providing valuable content for their contacts. The main effort of site administrators in this model should focus on providing interesting content to increase site traffic.

The model is based on the provision of diverse Internet services

In this way, Internet publishers provide a variety of services for their contacts, including e-mail, chat rooms 6, or media messaging. In this way, the success of the site depends on the quality of the services provided, since the number of users of these services is directly related to the amount of advertising revenue of these companies. Famous sites in this area can be referred to AOL.

The model is based on providing the ability to search various sites

Sites based on this model provide services to those who are searching for a particular topic by providing searches among various sites and categorizing those content-based sites. Among the most famous sites in this group is Yahoo 8.

The model is based on the provision of advertising services
Companies in this group offer services to those who want to advertise on the Internet. These services include designing ads and helping find the right place to display advertising.
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