Tonekabon’s spectacular attractions

آبان 08, 1396
Tonekabon with the old name of Shahsavar from the beautiful and popular cities of Mazandaran, which annually hosts many travelers from different parts of Iran.
It has very beautiful forests, two thousand and three thousand, and also the beautiful area of ​​the castle and the waterfall of the area, Dariasar plain, Kusar waterfalls, Nashtarood lagoon, National park of dry forests and protected area of ​​Blas Kouh.
It also has a beautiful sandy beach and sand.

Dariasar Plain is located in the southern part of Tonekabon Town and in the region of two thousand Dariasar Plains, a plain that is known as Paradise of Ordibehesht Iran. Dariasar Plain is enclosed between the four mountains. On the southwest side of Mount Alamut, the tallest mountain that surrounds this plain. The most interesting features of this plain is that there are dozens of springs on the floor, and water flows out of the grass so that it is difficult to find drought in the plain in spring and more beautiful than this. The flood of water flowing from the highlands is in the middle of this vast plain.

All these beautiful beauties, as well as the mountains covered with massive woods around the plain and the summit of Sialan with the glaciers that appear opposite, are witnessing the claim that Daryasar Plain is considered as the Paradise of Ordibehesh Iran. The presence of the mountains of Tang Lat Khan Ben, Black Tale, Total Til, and Trees and Forest Tree has added to the unique attractions of this plain.
National Park of Drought

The park is located 30 km from Tonekabon to Chalous, between Nashtarod and Abbas Abad city along the road and is only 120 meters from the sea. This protected area is considered as the only plain and pristine forest and one of the last survivors of plain forest ecosystems in northern Iran with an approximate area of ​​2,600,000 square meters. Various animal and plant species such as alder species The crack that is endangered in Iran is evangelical triune, pomegranate hornbeam, oak, lyclia or kerat khorramandi, lagra, valley, the most important types of shamshad, forest and wild yas in this park. Various and abundant species of animals lived in the old days, and now the habitat of wild animals such as jackals, wolves, pigs, wild cats and birds such as gray herons, quails, goose, ducks, bacon, goats, big and small agots Is. On the outskirts of the area, a natural history museum has been created that presents a Taxidermy collection of wildlife in northern Iran and is always welcomed by researchers and scholars.
Fulcade hot water, warm water with an average temperature along the Lierser River and a cold water spring, with dense forests and tree-clad mountains, are suitable for tourists and groups of tourists. Falkade Mineral Spa is one of the best sources of tourism for its medicinal properties and biodiversity, especially vegetation.
The Stone of Bin Cheshmeh, in the southwest of Tonekabon, is an excuse to visit the beautiful Dariasar nature, this waterfall is located on the 2,000-mile river, above the Kilimh’s Dome and after the hills and honey of the neighborhood. This area is truly magical and is full of alder trees, maple and oak trees. The waterfall of Sang bin Cheshmeh, in the east of the river and beside the widespread forest of Soute Chal, is an indication for those who are keen on seeing the dreamland of Dariasar.
Tonekabon has many attractions and spectacular views. We suggest that you travel to this city and enjoy the beautiful nature of it.
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