Dalkhani Forest

شهریور 20, 1396
Al-Khani, a village of functions in the central part of Ramsar city, is located 30 km south-east of Ramsar and in the district of Forty Shahid. Dalkani Forest is a semi-mountainous forest with a height of about 800 meters and is therefore a good option for climbers and nature battalions. On the other hand, the rich fog is the most important feature of Dalakani, which brings tourists to the area after an unforgettable stay. The Dalakhani Forest, a beautiful jungle known as the "Paradise Paradise" among tourists and with its tremendous trees and its unique climate, can make your most natural experience of nature.The nearby forests of Ramsar, 600 thousand square meters, have made these forests known as Dalkani. The forests that continue on the road and after you drive you to the land of Janet Rudbar and Grosmazar, Akrassan, Glin and ...

This forest is also called Dalakhani forest and Dalikhani forest

Access road to Dalkhani forest:
The Dalakhani forest is located on Ramsar Road to Tonekabon. To reach this, you can start from Kathalm Harris Road (Mirza Kuchak Khan Road) - Dalkhani or start from the outskirts of Ramsar city and after passing about 7 km along the path of Ramsar asphalt Tonekabon, get to Jannat Roudbar three ways. The Dalkhaneh forest 23 kilometers ahead of the road awaits you.

Take the first aid box, camera, enough food, enough flashlight and fuel.

Address: Ramsar, on Ramsar Route to Tonekabon
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