Vilshoo-Ghost Lake - Hornbeam Lake

شهریور 16, 1396
The lake, also known as the Ghost Wetland, is located 5 km north of the village of Chelndar from the functions of Nowshahr. The lake is located in the widespread rainforest area of ​​Mulla Kala. The length of the lake is about 700 meters and its width is 300 meters. Within the lake, there are dried trees that have created a spectacular view
To access the lake at km 12, the light road to Noshahr after the road to Venus, you must enter the road to the village of Chelndar and Salah al-Din Kalay, and after passing through the village to the environment. After carrying out the necessary administrative work on the northern road, you should continue to 10 kilometers in length. After seeing the signboard of the plain and the hornbeam, enter the subway. This subway will hang your lake to the lake. Note that the passage of the secondary road requires assistance vehicles, and because of the pristine nature of the area, the possibility of encountering wildlife is very high
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