Travel Guide Things to Know Before Travel

آبان 14, 1396
What points should be taken before traveling?

What is important in traveling is to leave the holiday without risk, and this can not be done unless the security of all family members is provided and it is possible to travel during any unexpected event so you must take the necessary safety precautions and be sure Before traveling, we have to determine the place where we intend to travel there, and prepare and prepare the necessary equipment in accordance with that place and take into account the climate change.

What should we do if we are going to go to the seaside or the river?

It is dangerous to sit next to a turbulent river, especially if it is rainy and rainy, so it’s best to not choose a place to sit near the river, as well as in the valley or where it is possible to flood during the rain, and if you intend to swim in the river, first Check the water floor and take care of the hidden rocks and shoots and puddles and algae, and if the stream is tidal, avoid getting into the river or the lake.

What should you consider when choosing a vehicle to travel?

Before traveling, it’s best to know where we are going to go and type the device in proportion to the distance, as well as precisely on the safety of the device, the speed and price, and the ease of access to the areas that we intend to visit, as well as the Determine the budget we want to spend on the trip.

What should I do on a private car trip?

When traveling, you have to make sure that the car is healthy and works properly all parts of the car before traveling, and should be aware of the condition of the roads and rest before last enough to avoid unpardonable jokes while driving. The tire inflation pressure should be checked and you should be very careful about driving and stop and rest every two hours.

What should you consider when using travel camps on a trip?

The use of tents in urban spaces is not a very safe means, but it is one of the most important tools for trips to nature and mountains. For one or two trips it is better to choose a small and small tent, but if you are planning a family trip to urban areas You should use larger tents and should not be cooking in the tent and be sure to have one of the tent windows open when you sleep.

What kind of food is better to travel?

It is advisable to use low-humidity foods or very hot foods when traveling. Due to the fact that going to travel more in the summer, and digestive and intestinal disturbances are more noticeable this season, it’s best to have proper nutrition And it’s best to eat cinnamon-based foods that have been cooked up to 20 minutes, and pasteurized ice cream and bread, as well as lettuce and herbs that are washed and disinfected.

How can you prevent a sick person from traveling?

Preparing the right food for you and taking essential medicines and observing health tips are some of the most important things that families should pay attention to and if you have any problems such as nausea and vomiting and headache along the way, it’s better to be completely Lean the car seat and rest the chair in half-sleep and avoid cigarette smoke. Also, you should take large-dose medicines before traveling and try to use homemade and canned food throughout the journey, and completely hygiene Observe.

What to do when traveling from doing?

Having a big suitcase or a lot of luggage with a lot of clothes is one of the mistakes that most do. Also, when traveling, one must be careful that if you are sexually pleased with it, then buy it and purchase it for a reason like later, maybe cheap We find that we do not retreat, but we must be careful not to lose anything that makes it harder and less space for the car. It is a lot of money and waste of time when buying to bargain, and ... are the mistakes that happen very much on trips. .

Why are travelers more likely to be ill than in normal travel?

Due to reduced body resistance during travel because of a lack of sleep and a long and tedious way, lack of rest and different weather conditions, and the use of outside food and non-observance of hygiene, causes travel sickness in travelers.

What should you look at when traveling with the aircraft?

Although it is much easier to travel by air over the long haul, there are many airborne contaminants, the most important of which is the airplane’s toilet, with hundreds of people using the service in the aircraft, as well as the front seats that are used repeatedly in each trip. And the use of blankets and pillows of the aircraft is also the center of the accumulation of viruses and contaminants and it is better to use a blanket and a pillow once used before the trip.

What do you need to do on pilgrimage trips before traveling?

Seeking God and informing friends and relatives and solving them, asking for them and forcing them, especially for obligatory matters, choosing the right companion and theirs, morally and economically, and choosing the right time to travel and praying for travel and verses. Quranic surahs such as Qadar, Ayatollah Kersi, Hamad and Nasa, and charity at the beginning of the journey and bathing are among the things that can be done before traveling.

What should pilgrimage do during pilgrimage during the journey be taken by the pilgrim?

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