Khavar Khanum Restaurant

آبان 29, 1396
Sarvelat, a village 3 km south of Chaboksard in northern Iran, is located beside the rivers of water in Achirud at the beginning of the northern slopes of Alborz.
By passing through the forest roads of this village, you can see forest landscapes and human settlements on both sides of the road.
As well as the existence of numerous villas, traveler’s homes and hotels in the Serve, this area has become an ideal place to choose tourists and tourists.
In the meantime, the restaurant of the familiar name, which today has not heard a lot of people, has a lot of tourists and travelers every day.
Khorramshahr’s restaurant, or Khalil Khavar, is a traditional restaurant with simple space and elemental facilities, one of the busy restaurants in the city.
The restaurant meals include local dishes such as Mirzakasmi, Baqalakatagh, chicken and stuffed fish, sour cabbage, and more.
Most tourists believe that before the renown of the restaurant reaches everyone’s hearts, there is a lot of calm, but today, on holiday days, there is a crowded restaurant that many travelers are reluctant to eat in this place.
However, if you travel to the north, be sure to visit this traditional restaurant and enjoy delicious food.
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