Flowers and flowers in Mazandaran forests

آذر 19, 1396
Scientific symbiosis of the Sari Natural Resources Faculty in a conversation with the Sarı reporters; the violet is a violet flower violet in the native European and Asian family, but is also abundant in North America and Australia. This plant is known in the world by various titles such as sweet violets, violets, or violets.

Dr. Akbarzadeh added: In ancient Greeks, aromatic violets were a symbol of fertility and love and used it in the making of love potions.

According to him, on the floor of the Mazandaran forests, there is enough light and the margin of roads and the steep slopes of the forest roads, and in the early spring, with its beautiful flowers, it offers magnificent views of the forest areas.

Scientist of the Natural Resources Faculty of Sari said: Scented violets with roots are creeping roots, cardiovascular leaves often with a lower part of the tan with a few edges with a toothed green and a smooth, sometimes fluffy surface.

Akbarzadeh added: This perennial grasses lack specific stems and reaches 3 to 12 cm in height.

He said: "The smell of a plant is a special place among the villagers in the mountainous hills of Mazandaran.

Haj Agha Noori, a 57 year old man from the village of Sobhi, told the correspondent of the Sari reporters: To prepare the violet syrup, boil only 50 grams of dried violet flowers in a liter of cold water for 15 to 20 minutes, and then straighten out with honey Sweet and drink 3 to 4 cups a day after each meal.

Medicinal properties of the forest

Scientist at Sari Natural Resources Faculty said that boiled vinegar is useful for the treatment of eczema, skin itching, rheumatism and chronic cough.

Akbarzadeh added: "The gargoyle of this boil is helpful for removing throat, angina and throat and inflammation of the gums, and skin cleansing is effective for relieving skin irritation and runny nose with this boil.

According to him, drinking violet syrup is useful for the treatment of bronchitis, pertussis, migraine and headache, pneumonia, fever, cough, eye pain, kidney pain, gum and sore throat.

He stated: In the past, for violet, the effects were on the relief of bile pain and the removal of inflammation and throat pain, laxative, anxiety, and so on.

Scientist of the Natural Resources Faculty of Sari said that violet flower has a lot of uses in traditional medicine. Violet flower has a softening, fissuring and mucous effect. It can be used to relieve grip, acute bronchitis, sore throats, chronic nasal and in general breast diseases, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and bladder Venice in scabies and measles. To be Previously, it was used as a syrup from syrup and as a laxative, laxative, cough disinfection, pediatric diseases, acne, acute myocardial infarction and Aphtea, but today it is not used as a last resort. .

Akbarzadeh added: violet root has a repressive effect, so that after ingestion of the mucosa, it stimulates the digestive system and causes nausea and vomiting. Decoction of all violet parts is effective in coughing and coughing. The aroma of violets in the industry is very important for the preparation of essential oils.

If you have chosen Mazandaran for your travels, we recommend that you visit native flowers of the north region.
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