Souvenirs in different cities of Iran

مهر 30, 1396
Central province
Souvenirs in the central province are all kinds of food, including grape pomegranate, dairy, raisin, walnut, almond, grape juice and handmade handicrafts such as carpets and carpets, rugs and mosaics.

Hamedan province

The provincial leather handicraft center is in the city of Hamedan. The bag, shoes, leather belt of Hamedan has a high reputation and reputation. Hamedan province is one of the most popular handicraft industries. Giwei is a kind of soft, lightweight, resistant, cool and inexpensive shoe that is made from cotton yarn and its cumin is selected from leather or corduroy. The texture of these shoes is predominantly in the villages of Nahavand and Artiman villages in Tuyserkan and the underlying clay in Malayer. Tuyserkan is one of the walnut poles in the country, and its walnut is one of the best walnuts in the world. From the end of September to the first half of October each year, walnut trees are tall and thick walnut with long woods called "spears", walnuts that look very interesting and very interesting. The pottery and ceramic industry in the city of Laljin has a great boom and reputation in the city of Bahar in 20 km from the city of Hamedan.

Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Province

The handicrafts of the nomads of the province make up the most important handicrafts of the province. Carpets of Gebh-e-Kalim Ghaem (which is a combination of carpets and rugs) Jajim and Kojin are among these woven fabrics, which make the use of natural and cheerful colors, along with motifs of nature, beautiful and pleasing. Various types of agricultural products, such as walnuts, local honey, vinegar dairy desserts are among the souvenirs of this province.

Golestan province

Golestan province handicrafts are shaped by the nature of the region and its special needs, some of which are unique as Turkmen carpets in Iran.
Nowadays, Golestan Province is one of the important poles of Turkmen carpet, carpet, back, mink, carpet, felt, embroidery, dye needle, cloth dyed, Turkmen ornaments, musical instruments, basket weaving, spinning and weaving of fibers, Weaving and producing of wood products. Among the other places of the province are Turkmen and Caviar shrubs. One of the best places to buy handicrafts and souvenirs of the permanent and old market of Gorgan, which is located inside the old texture of Gorgan, as well as weekly markets are also the most important centers of handicrafts and furniture.


Handicrafts, in particular handicrafts, are a kind of economic activity, which, combined with the traditions of the habits and insights of the builders, as well as the tangible impact of the geographic environment in the industry, make it distinct from the products. In different parts of Gilan, and according to the culture of each region, special handicrafts are popular, including:
Pottery in Amlash and the village of Shafte, a shawl that is specially made for tens and cans. Chomez Dozizi or Charkoz Dosay, which is common in Masouleh. Also weaving woven and bamboo weaving, carpet and weaving knitting and crocheting are common in different areas of the province. The wood industry of the province and the handiwork of Gilani artists are very popular among tourists, one of the most beautiful examples of woodwork, special boxes called Bulaki. Other souvenirs from this province include Lahijan, Fouman, Olive Roodbar and Rice Astana Ashrafieh and Chai Lahijan.

Lorestan Province

Due to the composition of nomadic, rural and urban populations in the province, and according to their type of activity, handicrafts are different and distinct. Most of the handicrafts and woven fabrics of the nomadic and rural provinces of the province are black tent, carpet, glitter, chit, jajim weaving and dyeing, which are mainly used for domestic consumption, and handmade handicrafts of the province, wool knitting, weaving wool, carpet weaving and Carpet weaving. Which is the main souvenir of the province. Lorestan honey, which is of high quality and nutritional value, is another souvenir of the province.

Mazandaran Province

Gilliam weaving, Jajim weaving, pottery, dishes and wood sculptures are considered as one of the most important handicrafts in Mazandaran province, which are mainly produced in the mountainous regions of the province and are distributed throughout the region. Among these, wood and plywood products are more famous. Rice, citrus, jams and marinades are among the most important foods that are considered as souvenir of Mazandaran.

Qazvin province

Dyeing needles, scissors, making mirrored boxes and engraving and imitation are one of the most important handicraft industries in the province. Qazvin’s ceramics and ceramics are also known. Qazvin has also been called the capital of the art of calligraphy in Iran. Sweet peppers, especially Baklava and garden products such as almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, grapes, raisins, pomegranate, apple, apricots, blueberries ... were among other souvenirs of Qazvin.

Qom Province

Silk carpet: The handmade silk carpet of Qom is one of the most exquisite handicrafts that has a lot of fans in terms of coloring and original Iranian design and quality.
Pottery and Ceramics: This handmade art, with its long history in its own designs, has many fans inside and outside the country.
Wood carvings: Beautiful designs and designs that are made on various types of table and chairs and wood industry, and this handmade industry is made in Qom by highly skilled and skilled craftsmen.
Sohan Qom: It is one of the best sweets in the province, which is a pleasure for all the people of the world. This sweet from flour, wheat germ, sugar, oil, pistachio and almonds, horseradish and saffron is prepared in two types, dill and flower.

Kurdistan Province

The most important handicraft industries in the province include carpets, gilt, sijdah, wadd, nazakkari, Kurdish jewelry and musical instruments. Sanandaj carpet is unique in its kind and Bijar Carpet and Glimm also has a special reputation. It can be said that after the carpet, the most important souvenir of the province is the chessboard and other wooden artifacts that are produced and marketed by the professional artists of this country.

Kerman province

The carpet of Kerman, which is unique in terms of texture and design, is one of the most important handicrafts of Kerman and Iran. Patha doses, which is a kind of needle, is common in Kerman.
Pistachios, various types of nutriments, Kūto are among the most important souvenirs in Kerman.

Kermanshah Province

Females are common in rural and urban areas. Ghasr Shirin and Islamabad, the West and Sar Pul Zahab are the major centers of the Nemdalim. Vegetation is also common in cities and the tundra is known for its style, comfort, coolness, resistance and cheapness. Carpet weaving is common in other handicraft industries. The best of these is woven in Harsin, which is known as Harsini. Kermanshah oil and sweet cake and rice bread are among the most famous souvenirs in Kermanshah.

Zanjan province

The handicrafts and important souvenirs of Zanjan are all kinds of knives (pencil sharpeners, pockets, tapestries, kitchen utensils, etc.) Tapestry (various types of baskets, cups, spoons and forks, food and tea, bowls, pots, picture frames And ...) Chark (a very beautiful women’s blouse) and carpet and carpet. From the local handicrafts of Zanjan, the making of silver and rarely golden items is a kind of tapestry that was common in Zanjan only in the early days when some of Zanjan’s artists moved to Tehran and Esfahan during Reza Khan’s time and spread this fine art in those cities. Formerly throughout Iran, when it comes to Zanjan, the role of the knives appears in the minds, and is known in many remote and near-distant lands with the delicate and durable knives of Zanjan. Carpets, Golim and Jajim Zanjan have a special reputation. Charkozviz is another handicraft hand in which the delicate hands of Zanjan artists are of special skill in their production. These chunks are especially feminine, and the use of it is lyrical and interesting. It is considered the most appropriate souvenir of the city.


Among the popular handicrafts in the province, one can mention Jajim, carpet, carpet, carpet, pottery, ceramic pottery and felt. The pistachios in Damghan are also the best souvenirs in this province.

Sistan and Baluchestan Province

One of the most important handicrafts in this province is the weaving mat, dipping needle, cream dipping and pottery.
Weft weaving
Considering the fields around the lake Hamoon 7 The construction of a variety of wicker products of a type known locally as the "Luch" is booming in these areas. Also, in the central and southeastern provinces of the province, various kinds of wicker products are woven from the leaves of a kind of palm called "Daz \".
Dip and dipper needles:
One of the most famous industries in this province is the needle that is special in Baloch women. Dyed needle products have a great variety, from clothes and tablecloth to decorative items. Cream dip is similar to a needle that is used in decorative mirrors in the texture of the product. Tablecloths, hats, vests and pre-chest are among the most important things on which cream is put on.
KalPorgan Tiles:
In the village of Kalpourgan, Saravan, the pottery has a history of six to seven thousand years. Of the special features of the Glorporan pottery is that, firstly, only women make pottery. In the making of dishes and pottery objects, the pottery wheel is not used and hand-shaped.


Spinning, metalworking, studs, carpet weaving, mats, carving engraving, crochet hooks, chiffon felts, leather, masonry and glassware. The most important product of exportation and souvenirs, dates, figs, lemons, muskets, gilt carpets, gothic sours White Water Waters, Bath Bags, Henna, Laristan, Figs and Saffron, Estahban Anarmehrallu, Muscat, Larestan White Water, Handmade, Ghiwh, Esfahan, Jahrom and Jalam Irrigation.

Bushehr Province

At present, the most prominent product of the handicraft industry of Bushehr province is Gaqaq and export glimeo, which is prevalent in vast areas of the provincial cities. The most important centers of Naghbafah in Bushehr province are:
Villages of Shul, Kamali, Bahmnari, Mohammad Salehi, Abbasi, Fakhravari, Clare and four villages of Ganaveh city functions. Afterwards, it should be mentioned as a camel bag of Bushehr which is unique in its kind and is produced today in very limited quantities.
Gregorobafi, Rattan, Pottery and Ceramic are among the other handicrafts of Bushehr province.
Sea products (fish and shrimp) and dates of dainty and Ardeh are souvenirs from this province.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province

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