Swimming in the Caspian Sea

آبان 16, 1396
The Mazandaran (Caspian) lake, due to its magnitude, is called the Caspian Sea, is the largest lake in the world and lacks the natural natural way to the open seas of the world. In recent years it has been through the channels created through the Volga- Dan is connected to the Black Sea.
Caspian Sea Soluble Salts are different from ocean water. Caspian Sea is very important for fishing, and its sturgeon has a global reputation. About 300 tons of caviar are slaughtered annually. About 90% of the world’s caviar comes from the sea. There are about 100 species of fish in the sea, and now only about 15 species are exploited. The Caspian Sea has oil and gas reserves, and the total proven oil reserves in this The sea is 50 billion barrels, which means about 4% of the total oil reserves.
Travelers traveling to the north can enjoy both the beautiful sea view and swimming, but note that many people are drowned year by year and do not lose their lives due to non-compliance with safety issues at sea. they give.
Unfortunately, swimmers swimming in the pool suspect that swimming at sea is like swimming in the pool, which leads to irreparable events.
If you travel to the north and plan to swim in the sea, be sure to go to a swim where there is a sanitation plan and do not enter the sea in areas where swimming is prohibited, depending on the signs and symptoms.
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