City of Mahmoudabad

آبان 07, 1396
Mahmoud Abad is one of the most popular northern cities for travel.
It has a mild and humid climate that is in the mist of the rainy season in the city.
Mahmoudabad is neighboring with the cities of Fereydunkenar, Noor and Amol, and there are three ways to reach Mahmoud Abad.
It has a very beautiful beach that includes fishing, boating, jet skiing and more.
There are also forest forests, with two famous forests known as forest trees and jungle forests of the famous forested areas of the city.
Imamzadeh Fazl Khesht-e-Sar, Imam Zadeh Qasem, Imam Zadeh seven tons of Shomya is one of the province’s pilgrimage areas.
If you travel to the north, be sure to visit this city and take advantage of its beauty.
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