motel ghoo city

آبان 06, 1396
What is the reason for naming a motel?
In the past, he was known as a caliphate, but as the city was built in the city of Swah, which was called Swah, it became known as the Swamp Motel, which was renamed to Salman Shah after the Islamic Revolution.
Motel Swah is located in the west of Mazandaran province, which is one of the most popular cities in the north. It is connected to the east of Clarabad and west to Abbas Abad from the north to the Caspian Sea and from the south to the beautiful Alborz Mountains. Tonekabon city is considered.
To travel to this beautiful city you can enjoy the most in the spring and summer, but in the autumn and winter, with a great geographical location, the beauty of this city has been added and if you are traveling in the cold season, you can enjoy this city. take.
Currently, there are many commercial and tourism projects in the city that can be noted for the great diamond projects of the Middle East.
It is recommended that you do not miss this beautiful and touristy city if you are traveling to northern Iran.
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