Traveler’s House Villasho Tourism Plan

مهر 23, 1396
What is a villa traveler’s system?

Villacho intends to make the travel and tourism culture more and easier with public access to all the capacities that IT has provided in the country, the impact of technology in the present era has not been hidden by anyone. On the one hand, technology The advancement and expansion of various industries and businesses helps to provide consumers with better opportunities in all areas. So it’s good to use the technology in life as well as in our work and work, as well as the opportunities that technology provides for us to use properly.

In Vilescho, the objectives of setting up a tourism system as a project for a passenger house are as follows:
Creating a space for tourism development in the country
Setting up leisure, tourist and accommodation centers
Mechanization of leased units
Create an equal opportunity for all tourism related businesses (handicrafts, residential units, and entertainment centers).
What is a traveler’s house?

In the passenger house, all owners of accommodation units register hotels and accommodation centers, boarding houses and residential villas, recreational facilities, and tourism with their places of direct access. With such a database in the country, equal opportunity is available. It is widely expected to be monopolized for having a competitive market without any monopoly, with the support of the related organizations in the "Resistance Economics, Productivity - Employment" year, and is expected to benefit everyone.
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