Edible mushrooms in the woods of the north

آبان 16, 1396
Our predecessors, who lived in forests, also took care of their dietary needs in terms of the talents and abilities of their living environment. In this regard, recognizing the "ears" (forest fungus) and the use of this protein-rich source of protein has been a turning point in the life of foresters, as a natural, healthy, accessible, usable raw, boiled, fried , Grilled and even kept for a long time, has had a special place in their lives.
The unpredictable consequences of not properly identifying toxic and non-toxic fungi can be very deadly. In some cases, people who use toxic fungi will need liver transplants. This is while some people die of poisonous fungi.
Poisonous fungi are hardly recognizable as compared to edible fungi, so it’s not bad to know that poisonous fungi are in nature and more in the forests and in the wilderness of trees like olive, walnuts and figs. In cattle, carrion and near the nest of poisonous animals also grow and are very dangerous.
They are often black, red and white, and a little bit sluggish. The presence of a sachet in the base of some fungi usually indicates that it is poisonous.
Those who have eaten poisonous fungi appear 4 to 5 hours, and sometimes 12 to 16 hours after taking signs of poisoning. These symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, excessive thirst, palpitations, dizziness, and also psychological complications that you should immediately bring to your doctor.
It is noteworthy that the best-quality edible fungi are mushrooms with their caps, which means that there are no gaps and blades under the cap and that they have a good, fresh and clean appearance.
Yellow Kaya is one of the most delicious forest fungi found in the northern forests of the country, especially in Mazandaran. It only begins to develop in the autumn with the first fall fall, and about a month later, where is the yellow name of one The name Mazandarani is for this type of fungus (which in the Mazandaran language means the girl). The English name is Cantherelle and The Girolle, and the Chanterelles fungus group. The diameter of the warhead is 15-3 cm, its color is yellow to orange and the shape of the cap is almost a funnel shape, which is first as an umbrella and prominent, and then flat and flat. Its edge is rippled, the underlying surface is made of prominent blades.
Mushroom tissue is meat. The length of the stem is different and can be narrow and tall or short and thick. Zardakjaya mushroom is one of the best-quality wild fungi of the wild, and its benefits are that it never gets infected by the mites, and grows in the course of one month after the first autumn rains (sometimes occurring in the mushroom), along with the grasses. By the fall of the following year, you should wait for how to yellow again. Usually, with this mushroom, the kebab, Kajja, Yellow Kajalak and Yellow Kajjad Kajja are cooked. Yellow Kayha is equal to red meat in terms of properties and taste. Can be picked up.
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