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Travel pillows and blankets
Uses: Long flight, train journey, bus trip, camping or private car or foot trip
It’s not a secret that pillows and blankets provided to passengers on air travel may not be clean enough and comfortable. If you travel by bus, train or personal car, your clean and comfortable travel pillow and blanket will help you take a long journey along the path of a snug and cool heart instead of combating fatigue and endurance.
Take long journeys on the pillow and blanket of travel

Lumbar wallet or wallet
Uses: International travel, busy and insecure domestic or international destinations
Depending on the location of your trip, the security of your trip is also different. It’s very important to keep your money on guarded items in international travel and traveling to distant and unfamiliar areas. For this reason, we recommend that you use a special cuff card and passport to carry your money, or put your valuable items in a luggage compartment for a safe and relaxed journey.
For international travel, use a special cuff card and passport
Travel regulators and encoded bags
Uses: International travel and domestic travel
A good and enjoyable journey when it comes to feeling that we have control over our documents, our supplies and money, and with a proper organization for anything specific. That’s precisely why most backpacks or luggage for travel are specific to each vehicle. Keep your handbags in close proximity to you so that you do not get distracted or get lost during the trip.
Travel regulators and encoded bags
Electric appliances: Headphone, charger and headphone connector to socket, speaker, camera
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Uses: Accommodation in hotels, camping, traveling trips or staying in a local home

Mobile phones with your tablet are not electric devices that can be easily forgotten, but some of the electrical items you do not normally use can work a lot during the journey.
Take the electrical equipment you need during the journey
Personal glasses and sunglasses, umbrellas and hats
Uses: All types of travel
It’s very important that you keep track of climate change, especially for nature-travels and travel to areas that have not gone before, and you’re not familiar with the weather. Find your glasses at a certain location and available. During your trip, you may need to read your personal glasses. Also, while traveling to coastal areas, forgetting the sunburn can cause you a lot of trouble.
For nature trips, be sure to wear sunglasses and umbrellas and hats
Wipes or hand gel, Health and Beauty
Uses: During the trip
Even on an uncomplicated airplane trip, you can not easily observe hygiene. On road trips and nature, the situation is much harder. Do not forget, especially if you are sensitive, you can double the pleasure and relaxation of your journey with just one washing gel and having the health care that may be thrown during the traveler.
Travel equipment, means of travel, travel equipment
A wipes or hand gel is one of the essential things to travel
Personal and general medicine and first aid supplies
Uses: For all types of travel
Sometimes a small fever can ruin your programs. Do not forget personal and multi-generic medications that may be needed.
Do not forget the general drugs that may be needed on the journey
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