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آبان 15, 1396
Noor city with the old name of Soleh in Mazandaran province, north of the beautiful sea of ​​Caspian Sea to the cities of Mahmoud Abad and Amol, south of Kandovan and Damavand peak to Tehran province and west to Noshahr city.
Light has many monuments such as the castle of Pula Baladeh, the monument of Aqa Shah Balo Zahid, the monument to Jamshid Kia Sultan, the house of Nima in Baladeh, the Adhesive Bridge of Light, Takkar Takr, the village of Natel, the Imamzadeh of Ahmad in Baladeh, its temples palaces, beaches Beautiful Forest Park, Waterfall Parish Waterfall, Lavij Mineral Water, Lavij Elephant Stone, Baladeh Mosque, Kaveh Cave and Yaloo Winter Caravanserai.
The waterfall is located 5 km from the city of Nour, near the city of Royan. In fairy-tale water, trees are far from each other and most of the areas remain undiluted. This neighborhood is Kojor and Yosh. The waterfall of Perry is located on the side of the road. This waterfall is not very similar to the cascade, since part of the mountain rock is accumulated in the steep slope of the mountain due to the drift of the earth, and water flows slightly from the abundance of these rocks. The temperature difference of this region with the air of the city of Royan is approximately 10 degrees Celsius. Forest trees are found in less densely populated areas and pine trees are taller.
The temple is located 5 km from the city of Noor, and it was built in the reign of Pahlavi II during the reign of Imam Reza Shahr (sister Mohammad Reza Shah) and is part of a collection of palaces that are now available to the Founding Fellowship. The palace is large and has a swimming pool, stables and guarded place. There is a beautiful and large building on the other side of the Caspian Sea that was used as a royal placket. The structure of this building is beautifully designed and decorated in terms of design and decoration, and equates to other artistic values ​​and architectural values.
Lovech is one of the villages of Chamestan Nour in Mazandaran, which lies at the foot of the Alborz Dynasty and has a mountain foot. The village of Lovech is located 18 kilometers south of Chamestan, among the beautiful Alberz forest and valleys. At the entrance to Chamestan from the west, a beautiful paved path to the south, which extends from the main road, ends through the Kaspil Forest Park to Lavj. In a latitude of 36 degrees and 25 minutes north, and 52 degrees and 4 minutes east at 739 meters above sea level. The distance from Lovech to Noor is 35 km.
The village of Lovech is another spectacular spot in the area, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Due to the fact that the Chamestan road to Lavij passes through Kaspil Forest Park and passes through the forest, it is a pleasant place for It provides tourists with a large number of passengers each year. Around the village of Lavij is a large fence of the Alborz Mountains, covered in spring and summer with massive and lush trees that create striking and sophisticated landscapes.

This area has a very pleasant climate in the spring and summer, which, with its unique natural and natural environment, attracts many travelers and tourists. At the moment there are three hotels along with a spa and two suites and hundreds of houses and holiday villas which, given the huge number of passengers in the spring and summer, do not have the capacity to cater to all guests.
Kashkal Forest Park in the province of Mazandaran, Noor city, Chamestan, on the lavaway bay, and 2.5 km from Chamestan with a geographical location from the north to the Noor-Chamestan road and from the south to the Lavian Mountains and the warm water of Lavij and East to the Chamestan forests And from west to Lavijehrad and Chamestan industrial town.
It has an area of ​​7.21 hectares, and it also has six Typical Types of Tusk-Lehrk, Vetsky-Tosca and Oak-Maple, Oak-Hornbeam-Evangelical and Hornbeam-Gospel. Due to the fact that this area has been used as a resort in the past, and because of the presence of iron ore in the river, this route has been equipped with ballast furnaces, which still have its remains. In fact, there are good springs available for use. has done.
Nima Youshig House in Yosh Village and Mountains of Ozrood Village Noor House Nima is a poet of Persian poetry and father of poetry that was created by his grandfather over 200 years ago with Goji Kabir and beautiful wooden windows. Nima’s house is also his tomb.
The Antoine holy church is located in the Hackaschen coastal town located between the cities of Noor and Alameda in Mazandaran province. The church was built by the Catholic Armenians of Iran and its construction was completed in 1974. The exterior walls of the church are covered with plaster with cement and its internal walls. The church has an octagonal plan, with a pair of luminaire luminaire on some of its sides.
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