The Villas website has been promoted to the e-mail friend trust icon

شهریور 26, 1396
According to the website of the website, the websites are secure and secured to have an eNamad e-mail symbol. This electronic icon has a one-and-two-star rating, and websites that rank as friends are more reliable and secure. The Villas web site also has the 2-star icon.

Tens of thousands of Iranian websites have received the electronic symbol, but only 455 sites (to this day) have won the symbol of two stars. One of the most important reasons for getting a friend badge was the implementation of the SSL protocol on the Rand site, which we released a few days ago. We hope to provide users with the security and new features together.


What is the symbol of electronic trust?

This badge, which is issued by the "e-commerce development center", is used to verify online stores in Iran. That is, if a website has this symbol, users can easily trust the store and make online payments. The harsh conditions of assignment and acquisition of this symbol have led each store to not easily capture this badge. You can get more information on the website of the e-trust symbol.
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