What a good hotel there are

آبان 27, 1396
For the hotel to be in the category of good hotels and have a name and formalities with features that we will mention here.
Service: Number one is the right service. You deserve excellent services whether you travel for a simple vacation or travel to go to a ceremony. A great hotel does not just have a friendly staff member, but it needs to be a service to make the traveler feel comfortable, and this requires staff training. Most of the hotels with 24 hour guards to help travelers are ranked among the good hotels.

The location of the hotel is very important: hotels that are far away from the city make it difficult for travelers who travel without a vehicle. Additional charges for returning to the hotel must be paid. Also, if there is a problem for passengers, the distance from The hospital or police station leads to trouble. As a result, a good hotel should have a good distance from the city, so that it can reach the city by walking a little or using the taxi station. Town hutches are built in a crowded city. Not calm

Features: Today, the demand for hotels has changed, and having free internet is one of the most important requests of travelers. It also has a clean and well-equipped bathroom and toilet. Free coffee is provided to the passenger. Televisions and audio-visual equipment are up-to-date. Sufficient room in the room. Standard beds with washed linens. Toiletries and towels and paper towels that are charged every day. To be

Restaurant: In addition to restaurants, there is a bar in addition to the restaurant, so passengers can use it, but in Iran, existing restaurants should observe health issues and have healthy and clean food so that travelers can safely use the restaurant’s cuisine. They do.
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