Latton Waterfall

مهر 01, 1396
Laton Waterfall Astara is located in the geographical location E484746 N381822 in the province of Gilan and the border of Ardabil province. Laton Waterfall is located in Gilan province, 15 km south of the Astara city, Lundwil town, in the village of Kutte Kumah. The height of the Laton Waterfall is 105 meters, which is located in the circle of high waterfalls in Iran. This cascade originates from the slopes of the eastern mountain of Spina and flows into the Lundwill River, which extends from the Spinase Mountains at its 17 km range, and slides steeply towards Kotta Kumah and Lundwill and eventually enters the Caspian Sea. The volume of the waterfall falls different in different seasons, but in all seasons of the water. To reach the waterfall, first go to the city of Lundwil on the road to Talesh to Astara, then a subway to the south after passing a few kilometers to the village of Kotta Kumah. In order to reach the waterfall, a 6km long mooring path should be taken in the heart of the beautiful forests of the region. Scrolling this route will take about 4 hours. It is best to use local guides to keep track of the waterfall in the forest. The region’s airspace is almost warm and sultry, so it is better to navigate this route early in the spring or late in winter. Beginning along the path, a mountain range with forest trees starts and you continue along the river along a part of the path. At the edge of the Lundville River, one of the most beautiful gilan forests is with a lot of plum, pear, walnut, hazelnut and wild apple trees, which preserves its liveliness and beauty in three seasons. After crossing this forest, you enter the mountains and then rangelands, which are called the ecotone between these two ecosystems.
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