Vesnah Waterfall

مهر 02, 1396
Neshkahi waterfall is located in Golestan province in the geographical location N365449 E550348. This waterfall is located 10 km south of the city of Ramayan in the village of Foot Hill. From Olang, we go to the castle, there is a bridge to Polkhami. Calling the passengers to this cascade. The village is located in the central part of the city of Ramayan, with geographical coordinates 55 ° 7 ’east longitude and 36 ° 55’ north latitude, 10 km southwest of Ramayan and 70 km from Gorgan. This village is northeast to the bridge Relaxing from the south and west to the highlands of the castle of Moran and from the northwest to the recreational area of ​​Muharuran. The height of the mountainous village of Pahgala is 180 meters above sea level and is influenced by the mountainous climate of cold winters and temperate summers. . The annual rainfall of the village is 484 mm. The people of the village are spoken in auspiciously in the language known as Astrabadi.


The remains of the historic city of Temizah and the castle of Maran, 3 km from the village, reflect the ancient history and ancient history of the region. This castle was built during Parthian Tirdad and was the second capital of the Parthians. The western and southern heights of the village, with the vast forests of leafy and leafy wooded trees, are considered to be the most beautiful natural attractions of the village, where the forbidden felling of protected areas is prohibited. From the places of recreation and recreation around the village you can mention the recreational area of ​​the shrine and the lush green of the springs of Sargol and Cheshmeh Pushkami. The waterfall is located 3 km west of the village of Pahgala. Half of the route is 3 km from the village and half the farms in the forest. The forest path along the Cascade River is accompanied by a gentle shaft. The waterfall is about 8 meters high and its rocks are full of mud and moss, which has created interesting sights.
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