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مهر 03, 1396
History of Shiraz Lawyer’s Market

Shiraz has long been one of the most important cities in Iran and the southern plateau, and has been in many periods such as Al-Muzaffar, the headquarters of the government. After Karim Khan drove Zar Shiraz as the capital of the country, during 2 decades, great prosperity and prosperity was created in the beautiful city of Shiraz. Stability and security by building fences, castles, inn. . . Return to the city. Among all the built-in monuments, an unrivaled collection of # lawyer-like markets shone like a gem. The commencement of construction of this large complex began around 1137 and lasted until the year 1156.

Most likely, before the construction of the lawyer’s market, there was a bazaar in this place from the time of Safavid, which was changed and developed by the construction of a new building. After building, this market is the heart of the economy of the city and in the way from the Strait of Allah Akbar (the northernmost point of Shiraz) to the gate of Isfahan, it was built inside the city fence and many merchants went to it.

In different periods of repairs and major changes in the market body of lawyers. For example, in 1315, the construction of the Zand Street, the North North, with its continuation to the four major markets of the market was cut off, and part of the northern corridor includes 8 vaults and Caravanserai Ghavami and part The caravanserai was inevitably demolished.

Recently, commercial documents dating back more than 100 years have been discovered in the attorney’s market. In these documents there was a list of prices, purchases and sales, and items related to the market and trade.

The lawyer’s market was registered on July 17, 1351.
Shiraz Lawyer’s Market
Documents Disclosed in the Attorney’s Market
Shiraz Lawyer’s Market
Unique purchases in Shiraz lawyer’s market

In the Shiraz market, as in other traditional markets, you are faced with a variety of goods. But there is a possibility to buy certain goods in this market at a lower price and more quality than other markets. In the Shiraz market you will be able to make good quality fabrics at very reasonable prices than other markets.

Muscat, Arabic, and spring of the orange city of Shiraz are also very famous, you can easily get them with the excellent quality of this historic market.

About the timepiece, if you visit the lawyer market during the Eid days, the market is late for late, but you can buy the market for the rest of the day until 5:00 pm.
Sarajevo Shiraz
Sarajevo Shiraz
photo by Mehrzad ansari pour
Sarajevo Shiraz
photo by Ramtin Rezaei
Architecture and structure of Shiraz lawyer’s market

The first point that matters in the structure of this market is the area of ​​the building. Without a doubt, 21,840 square meters will allow us to consider the lawyer’s market as a large sum. The construction of this complex was organized by the best architects of the time between the Organ and Indo-Karimkhani. The overall design of this market is adapted from the bazaar of Isfahan and the market of Qaisarriya. As a result, we can see the signs of the # Safavid architecture in this collection. The materials used in the building market are made of bricks, gypsum and lime, which are based on the foundations of shaved slabs, and this kind of market is so well established that during the history of construction, the earthquakes in Shiraz did not cause serious damage to it. Import

In this market, like other large and traditional shopping centers, each sector has a special name for its industrial activities in that sector, such as: Crystal Market, Fencing Market, Sejar Market, Seamstress Bazaar and more. . .

We will continue to explore the different parts of this beautiful and large market.
Shiraz Lawyer’s Market
Shiraz Lawyer’s Market

1) Specific architectural features

* One of the features that distinguishes this market from other traditional Iranian markets is the height and height of the ceilings. The orders in this market are about 10 meters high from the ground floor, which are unique in their own way. In addition, the attorney’s market is slightly wider than other markets.

* The style of lighting is also slightly different in Shiraz market with other markets. There are also stops on the ceiling that prevent direct exposure to light, preventing heavy water from entering the market during heavy rains.

* On most chambers, there are windows that play an important role in air conditioning and the creation of proper temperatures, creating a suitable space for sellers and buyers. In front of the cellar, the attorney’s market has platforms that differentiate it from other markets in Iran. In the past, on the walls of these platforms there were decorations that disappeared over time, these platforms are like counters at current shops that create a distance between the seller and the buyer.

* Another feature of the market is that it is interesting to lower the market from the street level! Until decades ago, the level of the market and the 14-story street had been reduced, with the passage of time due to the accumulation of soil and materials to the bottom of the market, this difference has fallen by 5 to 6 steps.

And at the end, the most important part of the market is the "quadruple" lawyer who is big and big. These four spheres of beauty are special, and the earrings are decorated with arches and auspices, which is the ability of Iranian architects
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