Eram Garden of Shiraz

مهر 03, 1396
Al-Eram Shiraz (Shiraz Botanical Garden) is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province and even the whole country, with many foreign and domestic tourists visiting the area from around the country and the world. This garden is located on the northwest side of Shiraz, at the intersection of the East-West Boulevard and Eram, and the North-South Blvd. - South Toba Mill and Jam Jam on the slopes of the Triathlon Mill Mountain on the north side of the dry river and its distance to the northern mountains of Shiraz (Babakouhi ) Not much.

The garden is cemented with cedar trees, beautiful flowers and tropical trees, as well as its delightful climate, attracting a large number of tourists, and seeing it interesting to any Iranian. The Sermon tree of Eram Garden is world-famous and the beautiful Golestan of Rose Flowers also attracts the attention of any viewer.

The landmark of this garden is a large mansion and garden built by the command of the son of Imad, the king of Saudi Arabia, to compete with Paradise. Because he heard the word of Paradise, he was about to build gardens and palaces to order it, and ordered to provide gold, ruby ​​and ruby, and a hundred engineers working with each and every thousand workers. So, in Damascus, Alexandria, or in Yemen between Sanaa and Hazrat Moat, you built a city or garden of paradise, but because of the desire to enter its paradise with its troops, near the city of disgrace, they were all plagued and destroyed, and its paradise was sunk deep down. . The verbal affinity between Eram and the logic of some commentators is that Eram is associated with the Aramaean and the city of Damascus is the same city of Eram. However, after the city of Eram, besides the gardens and its mansion, sunk into the depths of any cause for any reason, the relics of which were not made like it were, and its story was also an example for the people, after which many gardens and golestes Eram, including Eram Garden of Shiraz.

The Eram Garden of Shiraz has definitely existed from the Seljuk period and throughout the period of Al-Injō and Al-Muzaffar and Gurkanian. Considering that many Shiraz gardens with the help of Atabak Gharakh, which were attributed to Sangar son of Malekshah Seljukhi to the Persian government, are likely to have been erected by Eram Garden.

The main building of this garden consists of three floors. The basement hall on the lower floor and on the second floor in the middle of the building is a large porch with two columns, with two small verandas on both sides. The middle mansion is the central core of this garden and the most interesting aspect of the garden. This mansion consists of three floors with many decorations. The under-floor rooms, which are almost basements, are the place to relax on hot summer days. The decorations of these rooms are colorful tiles. The two upper floors have columns inspired by Persepolis. In the forehead, two half circles on both sides, and a large panel in the middle, consisting of 3 crests on each other. This panel shows the images of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and the battle of the Qajar kings. For over seventy years, the building has belonged to Qashqai Qanhaji, which was confiscated during the Pahlavi era.

The main building of Eram Garden of Shiraz is a fairly complete sample of the buildings of the middle Qajar period. The architectural style of the Eram Garden of Shiraz, built during the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar, has features that have the same characteristics as the other monuments of that era, following the principles of Zandyah and Safavid architecture. Even the tiles of the facade of the mansion are also a complete imitation of the images on the walls of one of the Safavid era buildings. This building has three floors, it has roofs, and in front it has a double-edged porch with a flat roof.

The current building of the Eram Garden of Shiraz, which has the architectural features of the Safavid period to the Qajar, was built at the time of the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah, by the command and demand of Hasan Ali Khan Haj Nasir al-Molk of Shiraz, with the destruction of the former mansion. The former Eram Garden Building was built by Jani Khan and Mohammad Gholi Khan, Ilkhani Qashqa’i. Manufacturer and engineer of the magnificent mansion of the garden of Haji Mohammad Hassan Memar Shirazi.

The main building of the Eram Garden, which is currently available and made up of two buildings of Nasir al-Mulk, is located on the west side of the garden. This mansion is east facing three floors and architecturally, painting, carving, tiling and gilding is the masterpiece of art and art of the Qajar era. The lower floor, which is also the ground floor, has a main hall called the basin in the middle. There are two corridors on both sides of this basin and steps are made to go to the top floor at the end of both corridors. There are also two large halls on either side of the corridors. Adjacent to the south side hall, there is a large kitchen.

In the middle of the second floor there is a large porch with two columns. There is a large hall on the back of the porch and the two corridors on the two sides, on top of which there are two hands and four vaults on the sides of the corridors. On the two sides of the large porch there are two small verandahs facing the east, behind which there are arsies and perceptions. Each porch has two small integrated pillars. The northern and southern end of the building also has two corridors. On the south side of this floor, on the top of the downstairs kitchen, there is a wide and equally spacious kitchen.

The third floor in the middle has a large hall, similar to the second floor hall, with its windows opening onto the main porch, and on both sides of the hall there are two corridors. Next to the hallway on the northern side is the two-room mansion and next to the side of the south side is a room and a large hall. The two porches on both sides, like the porches of the second floor and just above them, are on the upper floor kitchen on the third floor on the terrace.

The eight rooms of the room are located on the south side of the main building and stick to it. This is an eight-room suite
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