Bird Garden

مهر 04, 1396
The birds garden of Tehran is located in the northwest of Tehran in the forest of Levizan. The garden collection of birds is designed and built in the nature to provide better natural storage conditions for birds, and is available every day from 8:00 to 18:00 for the presence of citizens.

The garden of birds in Tehran with a total area of ​​23 hectares is designed in 2 phases. The first phase is called Dashtchar, which was opened in May 2013 and includes birds that are kept in cages or can not fly. The second phase, which has a smaller area than the first phase, is under construction in the northern region and is called the "watercolor". This phase includes birds capable of flying through a tour of the outbreak of birds.

The Birds’ Garden of Tehran is the largest collection of birds that has a long route due to the design of twisted paths. The entrance to the garden is at its highest part and is visible from above the garden’s gardens. The garden starts with a variety of parrots and pigeons, along the way you can see birds of prey, mountains, deserts and aquatic animals close to their natural environment. Only birds such as parrots and hunts must be kept in cages, the cages of these birds are designed to fly at high altitudes and watch them everywhere. The final station of the birds garden is also the territory of African and Iranian ostriches. In addition to any cage or outdoor environment that belongs to a specific bird, there are installed signs that the name of the bird with its scientific name is written in English.

The Indoor Garden of Tehran Birds is a beautiful and unique garden design. The garden is surrounded by paved paths surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Awnings made of wood, straw and pile, wooden couches with different designs, wooden pavilions, lack of archery or additional installations, guide boards for wood design with Nastaliq line, small waterfalls and clever design of ponds and wooden bridges, from Features of this garden. Wildlife space The nature of the garden of birds has created a beautiful atmosphere, along with materials made of stone and wood, and the ceiling of the birds’ nests covered with rice stems.

If you’ve seen beautiful white swans, small fish hunting by pillboxes, flamingos standing on one leg for long minutes, swaddling geese and colorful ducks with their chicks, you’ve only watched only documentaries so far, now you have the chance to get all of these scenes Watch the birds in the garden.

Currently, more than 6,500 birds from 55 different species are kept here. One of the unique features of the birds garden in Tehran is the release of birds in the environment, which means that about 90% of the birds in this complex are completely open and in an environment without Cages are kept.

Measures have also been taken for the welfare of unauthorized citizens in the garden; van cars at the beginning of the avenue are stationed to bring visitors to the birds garden, and from there again bring them back to the street, as well as inside the garden. Birds of electric cars and carts are designed for the displacement of elderly people.
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