Wetland Steele

مهر 01, 1396
Astara Wetland Wetland, some of which are called the Steller lake and the lake, are one of Astara’s tourist and tourist destinations, located 7 km from the city of Astara and at the edge of Rasht Road to Astara.
The 138-acre Wetland Park is located next to the International Hotel and the greenery around the Steele has provided a convenient place for accommodating passengers.

The importance of the eco-tourism of this wetland from the proximity to the road, the diversity of natural landscapes, such as mountains, forests and farms and surrounding fields. The western side of the lagoon is covered with forest and green vegetation, and on the eastern side of the floating alder tree, it has created a spectacular view that has become a tourist attraction in the spring and summer, and is considered to be an important attraction.
Important features of this wetland are the famous fish such as carp and duck fish. It is also the natural habitat of rare birds that migrate to the area from Central Europe, the Caspian Sea and the Arctic regions, the most important of which is the Redhead .

The Wetland Wetland is one of the most important tourist destinations in the city of Astara, which is also very important in terms of both social and economic aspects. The lagoon is located between the road and Mount Spinas and its immediate vicinity to the international hotel of the tourist attractions of Guilan province, and the annual wetland of the Salt Lake embraces thousands of migratory birds and birds in this lagoon.

The existence of alder trees in this lagoon has given it a glimpse. The characteristics of the Astara Wetland Wetland are that the trees in the wetland always move and move along the lagoon, due to their roots in the water. For this reason, the Wetland Wetlands is also known as the Floating Trees Wetlands. It is worth mentioning that in the Taleshi dialect, it is called the Atoll basin. Sometimes rare, travelers around the lake tent and relax after a day of lake movement, so that the small trees inside the steel go under water and disappear, and after a while they reappear. To be Although this phenomenon is not normal for the locals, it is astonishing and interesting for travelers who witnessed the displacement of this lake’s water.
Since 2005, the wetland has been recognized as one of the five tourism destinations in the province of Guilan.
The best season to visit the wetland is Spring and Summer, and thousands of different parts of Iran travel to the city each year to see the lagoon and buy Astara markets.
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