Kish Island

مهر 02, 1396
Geographic location and topography:

Kish Island with a total area of ​​91 square kilometers, around the coastline of 43 kilometers and the general shape of the near-oval, is located in the Gulf within 18 kilometers of the port of Gorda (Bandar Abatab), the continental land of Iran. Kish is located in the first quarter along the coast of 1359 km southeast of Iran at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and near the end of the waterway in the Strait of Hormuz. Its northern width is 32 26 degrees and its eastern longitude is 58 53. It is 15.55 kilometers in the direction of the western coast - east coast (the coral complex - Hoor Square). The maximum width of the island is 7.5 kilometers along the southern coast to the northern coast (between the customs harbor and the sea lighthouse). The island’s surface has no special topography such as the mountain phenomenon and even the high hill. Kish International Airport is located in the center and in its high section, about 40 - 35 meters high. The largest slope of the island is from the north of the airport to the beach (Hotel Shayan).
Geographical and climatic features of Kish Island:

Kish Island is a small dry land such as the ship sitting in the warm and shallow waters of the Persian Gulf; the microclimates (microclimate) of Kish are heavily dominated by the phenomena caused by the large blue substrate, whose range of fluctuation of its temperature changes overnight The year is very small. The water vapor pressure of the island is often very high in most of the years (relative humidity of 50-60%). The annual average temperature of the island during the year is less than 9-10 degrees, and the temperature drop is never frosty or zero. Based on meteorological data, the average moisture content per kilogram of hot dry air on the island is 15 grams and July is about 25 grams. The weather in Kish is mild and humid in the months of October to April, and at this time the island is in desirable environmental conditions. From May to September, the weather is warm and sultry, and the average daily temperature of the island is roughly the same for these months. In May, as the sea water is still cold and relative humidity is low, the air is almost dry, and its wind is mild, cool and breeze, and its weather is delicate and delicate and its environmental conditions are very favorable. The temperature difference between the hottest and coldest months of the Kish is about 16 degrees. Meanwhile, it has the lowest evapotranspiration of 12%, the coolest and driest month of the island and August with the most evapotranspiration and with a fluctuation of about 28% with the highest evaporation and warmest month of the island. High evapotranspiration in August, when there are occasional rainfall, is no longer affected by the monsoon storms affected by the humid air flow in the Indian Ocean. The rainy incidences of August, which are mostly flood and collapse in a short time, often wash the soil and, due to the warmth of the earth’s surface, they quickly disappear from the soil, while the rain of these days is blessed and It is the heavenly mercy that should be benefited, and the water and the large and small dams of water and water drove it. Although Kish is located on a salt dome, but unlike other islands (like Qeshm), the bottom of the salt dome below it has not risen too much and so, fortunately, the geological conditions of the island are such that their influence on the basement does not increase salinity And with arrangements, heavens can be kept long after any rainfall in the water wells and used for maximum use (saline lands are very low relative to their total area).
Attractions in Kish Island:
Some of the attractions of the island are as follows:

Island Coral Beach
The permanent exhibition of Professor Kiyomars Sayyad
Traditional storage water
Greek ship
Kish recreation boat
Green Tree Collection
Dolphin park
Bird Garden
The underground city of Karez
Sea turtles
The aquarium
Pass the artists
Ancient city of Hariri
Safari Kish

Kish markets:

More than one million tourists visit Kish by the year, of which about 150,000 are foreign tourists or immigrants. The Kish markets, through the sale of foreign goods, are a great attraction for travelers who travel mostly to the island for the purpose of tourism. Now, Kish Island has about 11 international markets and a commercial and market center.

Pardis Market
Kish Commercial Center
The olive market
The morgue market
Pearl Market
Maryam Market
Gulf Market
The market is low
Siffin Market

Source: Kish Free Zone Organization Portal
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