Dining Forest (Forest Dining Park)

مهر 01, 1396
The 4-kilometer southwest of the city of Gorgan, Gorgan, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Iran and the Golestan province, which has a national reputation, so that for many people, Gorgan is associated with the dining room.
Ancient forest trees along with dining tourism facilities provide a beautiful resort with spectacular outlook in the region, which not only the people of the province but also countless tourists turn around all year round, especially the New Year and summer holidays. That’s why there are fewer tourists and passengers who visited Gorgan and never went to dinners.
The park includes a set of forest areas around the road as well as river boundaries and areas of municipality and tourism facilities that has been placed by the Municipality of Gorgan since 1338 by the country’s forests and pastures to provide a promenade for residents of Gorgan. . Due to its geographical position and its location in two sloping slopes, the dining room has a good climate and is always welcomed by many tourists.

In fact, dining can be considered a kind of park, which, unlike natural forest parks, has been used spontaneously before studying, designing and equipping for the natural gifts and landscapes it has been used by people since ancient times. Over time, with the increase in the size and population of Gorgan, the distance between the city center and the diner became a public and relatively crowded street, which is now one of the main streets of Gorgan. This route, known as the dining road, is a route for people to walk and have fun.
The nature dining forest is suitable for four seasons. At the dawn of the spring and summer days and early hours of the night, the number of people reaches an area of ​​two three square kilometers to more than 30 thousand people. In the winter, too many people go to the area for snowy days and in the fall season for the beautiful colors of the evangelical trees that are red, yellow, and flower-colored.
Nowadays, most of the areas used by tourists are located next to the boulevard, such as the famous area of ​​Babtafaher hill, the courtyard and the dining area, the forging and pine forests and the paradise known as shopping mall with hotels, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, and Other amenities make the dining room one of the most sophisticated places in Golestan and has provided good conditions for spending leisure time with relaxation in the area.
The average altitude of this area is about 400 to 450 meters above sea level, reaching 700-900 meters in some areas. Dining alms have many valleys, watersheds and edges that are a good environment for nature enthusiasts and mountain hikers.
The west and southwest altitudes of the dining area are used by mountain climbers and their main route is to reach white fountains and higher altitudes. Access to these highways is possible on the old and beautiful stone stairs available in the dining area.
In terms of weather, the Gorgan dining area is one of the temperate and semi-humid regions of the Caspian Sea, where the climate is mild and pleasant, and due to increased altitude, it has a cooler air than Gorgan, especially in summer. The average temperature for this region is 12 to 22 degrees Celsius and its average annual rainfall is 649 millimeters.
Vegetation of the temperate dining area and its Caspian forests belong to the Hyrcanian herbaceous vegetation and has densely populated lands. Due to the region’s tourism and human interference in the environment, non-native coverage is also observed. Oak, evangelical, hornless, apple, lime, wild cherry, free, durum wheat and shrubs of raspberries, kale, gooseberries and hawthorn from natural and native pine, cypress, magnolia, shamshad, new leaves, insect repellant, papaya and The enamel is sliced.
The water resources available in the dining area include several springs in the area, most famous of which is the white fountain located in the surrounding altitudes. The only dining river is the pilgrimage that originates from the altitudes of the village of Ziarat and lasts a total length of 40 kilometers along the area and is part of the Qara-Souz basin, which is one of the main sources of water supply in the city of Gorgan.
There are not many animals in terms of animal species due to the loss of the natural state and urbanization of the area. However, at night or when human population density is low, there are cases of hog, jackal, bat, mice, weasel, squirrel, eagle, hawk, lunar, woodpeckers, owls, tufts, shrubs, owls, rats, sparrows , Crows, grass and forest lizards have been observed.

The diners have long been known as a recreational forest area, but in recent decades its texture has changed due to various reasons such as improper use of natural resources, deforestation and unplanned development of the city of Gorgan. Residential and administrative facilities and urban facilities have also been added.

The beautiful nature and beautiful landscape of this area attracts many travelers every year. Multiple restaurants, playgrounds, shopping malls and other amenities, numerous hotels and residences, have set the perfect conditions for leisure travelers.
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