Tomb of Shah Cheragh (tomb of Ahmad b. Musa Kazem (AS)

مهر 03, 1396
Shah Cheragh is a tomb in Shiraz, where Shiite believers Ahmad b. Musa Kazem, the eldest son of Imam Musa Kazem and Mohammad ibn Musa, buried in Imam Reza, were buried there. He traveled to Khorasan on his way to joining his brother, but was killed in the way by the people of the Caliph Khalifa Abbasi in Shiraz.
This tomb is located next to a field called Ahmadi in the city of Shiraz. Tomb of Seyedmirr Mohammad is the brother of Sayedmir Alamdad near Shah Cheragh.

In 2007, the General Culture Council of the Fars province was named one day in honor of Shah Cheragh, and the custodians decided to choose the birthday of the Prophet as a commemoration ceremony. So, to determine the exact day of birth, historians and researchers began their research, but after the examinations, the experts concluded that the birthday of the Shah Chagaq is not well known and there are different citations in this regard. Hence, it was decided that in the decade of honor, namely the birth of Hazrat Masoumeh and Imam Reza, one day was to be designated as the day of the holy shrine of Ahmad ibn Musa "Shah Cheragh".

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution on September 24, 2009, approved the sixth day of the year, the fifth day of the decade of dignity, as the day of commemoration of Ahmad bin Musa Shahkhraq for registration in the calendar of national-Islamic events of the country.

Tomb of Hazrat Seyyed Mir Ahmad, brother of Imam Reza (PBUH), the eighth Shia Imam, is located in Shiraz, in a place known as the famous Cedar District. This neighborhood is now connected to the chicken market and the neighborhood of the garden gardens and the black stone neighborhood and the southern fence of the city and the water lagoon neighborhood. Hazrat Ahmad (AS) has enjoyed special privilege with his father, Imam Musa Kazem (AS).

It was written that Hazrat Ahmad, a man of Karim, was a great and honorable man. Imam Musa Kazem (AS), because of his interest in Hazrat Ahmad (AS), gave him a property called Yasiriyah, a property which later sold him to the hands of Hazrat Ahmad (AS), which liberated a thousand captives. .
The proposal of the Shiites for Imamate of the Prophet Ahmad After Imam Musa Kazem (as), the credibility and position of Ahmad (AS) among the children of Imam Musa (AS) was to a degree that after the martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazem (as), a group of people to support Imamate Ahmad (AS) rose and created a sect called Imamieh.

According to the commandment, his soldiers attacked the holy shrine of Hazrat Aḥmad-bin Musa (AS). The Prophet courageously defied the soldiers. The enemies who did not come back from him, destroyed the back wall of his holy shrine and penetrated into his house, and broke up the Prophet from behind with his sword, and then he destroyed the house on his holy body, the incident in Date of 17 Rajab has occurred.

Inside the shrine, using artistic lightweight mirrors, mirroring, and a variety of beautiful Persian and Arabic lines, decorates the view around mirrors and tiles.
The shrine structure consists of a front porch and a widespread shrine behind the porch, located on the four sides of the shrine, four royal palaces and a mosque built behind the shrine (west side). It is located in the kingdom under the dome and is made of silver.

The King’s Lighthouse has two main entrance which is on the south and north side of the shrine, underneath the two large, tiled past and into the vast courtyard of the shrine. Inside the courtyard, a large floating dock was built and planted around the pond. The Shah Chaghra shrine is located on the west side of the courtyard and shrine of Seyyed Mir Mohammad, the brother of Shah Cheragh, on the north-east side of the courtyard.

Apart from the two on the main, there are two on the other side, one on the Hajji market and the other to the mosque of the Atiq. There is also a port on the northern side of the courtyard in front of the king’s lights. Around the courtyard, two-story rooms In the forehead and foreheads, they have been tiled. The Iron Curtain columns are covered with exquisite wood and the carved wood is used on the flat roof. A wide range of facilities, such as the Police Station, the Post Office and the Telecommunications, Library and Museum, have been created in this vast courtyard for the welfare of the people.

In 745 (AD), the mother of Shah Sheikh Abu Sahak Injou, the king of Fars, Queen Taisho Khatun, performed good deeds on his barracks. The lady of the benefactor attempted to rebuild the barracks and built a massive tomb in 5 years from 745 to 750 BC. He also built a vast school near the tomb. He also dedicated a large number of shops near the shrine and the property of Meymand Fars to this holy vestibule.

Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan tourist who traveled to Shiraz in 748 (AH), wrote in his travelogue about the actions of Queen Taisho Khatun and the description of the tomb:
This tomb is respected by the Shiraz people and the people go to the pilgrimage for their relief and appeal. Tashi Khatun, the mother of Shah Abu Sahagh, is near this great monument, school and construction angles in which passengers are served, and some of the Qariars continually read the Holy Quran on the occasion of the Imam Zadeh. On Mondays, Khatun comes to the pilgrimage of the tomb, and that day the judges and The jurists and Sadat of Shiraz are also present.

This crowd is at the tomb of the Republic and they are busy with the song of the readers of the Qur’an. Food and fruits are given to the people and after a meal, the preacher will go above the pulpit and all this will be done between the evening and evening prayers. The tent will sit on a grid pavilion overlooking the mosque. At the end (in honor of this monument), like the kings of the drum and tune up and beeps.

In 912 (AH), according to the order of Shah Isma’il Safavid, extensive rehabilitation was carried out on the tomb. 85 years later, as a result of the earthquake of 997 AH, half of the tomb’s dome was destroyed, which was rebuilt in the following years.

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