Devil’s Falls

مهر 01, 1396
Seychelles waterfall in Lahijan is located in the geographical location E500105 N371215 in Gilan province. Satan Mountain is a mountain in the east of Lahijan city and in Gilan province of Iran. In the past, they spoke to the King of the Mountain, and the brook that was 200 meters wide and 70 meters long in front was used to store water in irrigation. Today, the pond has become an artificial lake, in which there is an island and a small mansion on the island. In the heart of the devil, an artificial cascade of mountains is created, whose water is supplied from the lake, which is known as the pool of excitement.
Beyond the Mount of Satan, there is a delightful place known as the "Green Roof" of Lahijan. This green and beautiful green area leads to the southern foot of the mountain. From the green roof, about a thousand steps to the foot of the mountains, one of the paths leading to the green roof. A beautiful cascading view of the body of the mountain goes down to the foot of the mountain. This beautiful waterfall from the body of Satan to the foot of the mountains is fed by pumping water from the pool and ponds for drainage and moving water down there. There is a staircase to the summit along the waterfall. Tourists reach the mountain summit and green roofs by passing over 750 steps, which start from the waterfall and the foot of the mountain and pass through the green trees.
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