The mysterious white-hole cemetery

مهر 01, 1396
The white cemetery of the well which is also known as the "White Cemetery" is located in the city of Behshahr, Yaneh Sar, Whitehah Village, which belongs to the Timurid period and is the first Muslim cemetery in Iran.
The name of the village is whitewashed by its mysterious cemetery. In the Gaza Strip, there is almost no one who has not heard anything from the amazing stories of the historical cemetery of this village. The people of the bottleneck of 50 walled villages around and around their dead bodies, and Allah Akbar Goyan bring white hair to some place in the cemetery of the village for them. They believe that the white soil of this village does not let the corpses of their dead calm down.
The beloved cemetery grows bigger and bigger day by day, and lowers the houses and lands back to accommodate the dead. In addition to its white color, this cemetery has a different one with other Iranian cemeteries; in the historical part of the cemetery, almost all gravestones stand over the graves of the deceased. Tombstones, each of which is a signpost for declaring the personality of the deceased.
The most prominent people in the cemetery of the Whitehak Village are three descendants of Imam Musa bin Ja’far (AS); Ibrahim (AS), Mansour (AS), and Abdul Rahman (AS) who escaped from the tyranny of the tyrant caliphs and thus remained in this place. Among the spectacular views of the tomb of these three are the wooden casket that villagers like their eyes protect.
To go to the White Village, you must go to Behshahr by train, personal vehicle or hire car.
Personal vehicle: From Behshahr then you have to go to the lush green forest of Yandan to get to the bottleneck after 20 km of the roadway in the asphalt, after the bottleneck, the village of Niala is in your path and finally the white shah On the edge of the road will come.
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