Fortress of Maran castle

مهر 02, 1396
The castle of Maran is located with two other names, the castle of Moran or Deztakaki, in the province of Golestan and in the southwest of Ramayan. The height of this summit is 2,455 meters above sea level and has six routes for ascent, including Sayed Kalateh, Kohan Shoran, Six Waters, Urghla Saragol, Khanbobin, Shirabad to Pushkami, Ali Abad, Zarin Gol to the Old Woman’s Ground, Six Waters, Abruptly and climbing the wall.
Near and the foot of the mountain range of Qaleh Marah is a village called Pahgala and the height of the village is 1180 meters above sea level. Cold winters and mild summers. The village is located 70 km from the city of Gorgan. The village is located in the south and west to the highlands of Qala Marah and from the north east to the village of Paul Aram. The refuge of the castle Maran is located on the northern side of Qaleh Marah Mountain and there is access to Bagherabad village to reach this shelter.
Two cottages or calm sheep made by the shepherds of forest trees are located in a bowl. At the top of the castle mare, there is a flat land with an area of ​​3 square kilometers that is called the so-called "bowl". The distance from the city of Gonbad Kavoos to Ramayan is 26 km and the distance between Ramayan city and the village of Pahgala is 7 km.
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