مهر 01, 1396
Logim, Negin The Sabadak Ring is located in the suburban area of ​​Asyl and Sahand district. The height of this village is 765 meters above sea level at the point of the Lake Logim. Undersea road to the village, which is 25 km away, is now completely asphalt.
This ancient work is one of the works of Al Ziyar’s dominance over Tabarestan between 316 and 443 AH. The significance of the Lajim tower is mostly due to the inscription of Pahlavi alongside the Kofi inscription. This shows that in the 5th century AD, the rulers of northern Iran, in addition to paying attention to the art of the pre-Islamic period, also paid attention to the line and language of that era. The outer circumference of the circular body and a simple and elegant conical dome inside the state Circular shapes. It is a mixture of brick and mortar. The entrance is erected east of the building and the dome’s base is decorated by a row of arches. In the belt below the dome, two inscriptions are placed on the Kofi line and the Sassanid Pahlavi, which is surrounded by a complex.

The inscriptions are beautifully decorated with bricks cut in a gypsum-based area, which is named after Kia Ismail Abu al-Fvaras Shahriyar ibn Abbas Al Bavand, the owner of the building and the date of 413 AH. In the Kofi inscription, the name and title of the martyr is called but the name of the constructor is unknown, and only by speculation and according to the components of the remaining words can be found. The circle’s circumference is 2680 cm in width, its interior diameter is 547 cm and its entry width is 112 cm.
Inscription text
in the name of God. Haza Gharib al-Qaim al-Kiya al-Jalil Abu al-Furras Shahriyar bin’Abbas bin Shahriyar Mullah Amir al-Mu’minin Muhammad (peace be upon him) Muhammad (peace be upon him) Muhammad (peace be upon him) Al-Hassan ibn Ali
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