مهر 01, 1396
The Masouleh range extends northwards to Masal, from the south to Tarom Oliya (Zanjan province), from the east to the plain of Fouman and from the west to Khalkhal (Ardabil province). Massoula is 60 km far from Rasht and 32 km west of Fouman Located on a hilly hill that is 1050 meters above sea level. The lowest point of Masuleh with its highest point is about 120 meters height difference. Demographically, the Masawl people are blended and influenced by Taleshi, Azeri Khalkhali and Gilaki cultures, and the popular dialect is the tense language. Anguene, which has come from various sources in Persian and English, dates from the present Masuleh to about 800 to 1000 years arrives.
The old Masouleh or "Old Masuleh", located eight kilometers west of Masouleh road to Khalkhal, has been the main and original residence of masulae. Now what is seen in this place is the stone wall of its buildings. In the first archaeological excavations of the city Fouman, who was arrested in September 1995 by the Archeological Research Institute of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Guilan province, found that from the fifth to the eighth centuries, the "Old Masuleh" has been one of the most important centers in the field of metalworking. Also, glazed pottery with dyes Varied that have the characteristics of the Seljuk period in this I The area was discovered because of its historical importance and significance in the national index of nationality in September 2006. One of the most famous of them is the transfer of masulahs to the current location. One of the most famous of them is that Aoun al-Bin Ali of the descendants of the Shi’ite Imam, together with Seyyed Jalaluddin Ashraf from the children of Musa Kazem, the seventh Imam of Shiites, who was buried in Astaneh Ashrafiyeh of Gilan, was wounded in a war near Tarom Zanjan and took to Masouleh and died and died at the current location of Masouleh. Then they gradually built houses around their homesteads, thus forming the present Masuleh. The narrative of the great earthquake of 890 AH represents the cause of the Masullahs’ displacement to the current location, and another account is the spread of the plague in 943 AH in the country due to the displacement.
Masouleh is located along a relatively shallow river called Masouleh Rudkhan. This river has been created from the top of the top of the river and there is a beautiful cascade right next to Masuleh. As you know, Masouleh is located in a mountainous region, and at the highest elevations there is a high mountain peak, with a peak of 3050 meters high, the tallest. The mossula has mild summers and cold winters. Over the course of a month, the ice is in this area, and in many days, the clouds take you so much, and the misty mist makes beauty of Masuleh double. The rainfall and snow are relatively significant and the weather is high. This moisture is not annoying because of the coolness of the air. Massoula has a unique architecture. The enclosures in front of the houses and roofs are both used as sidewalks. The Masuleh architectural structure is formed during the Zandia period, and small streets and stairs are not allowed to enter any motor vehicle. The Masulelet architecture is described in one sentence: the upper building roof is a low roof structure. The floors of the buildings usually reach up to two floors.
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