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مهر 04, 1396
The Monarjbanan of Isfahan is located on a volcanic street 6 km west of Isfahan city and on the way from Isfahan to Najaf Abad in a neighborhood called Karlodan, which was previously a village that is now considered to be Isfahan. The foundation of this minaret was laid down during the Ilkhani period and at the end of the Oliyatou kingdom. A monument built as a tomb for the Uncle Abdullah, the mystic and forehand of the Ilkhanite period, consisting of a large marble stone and a cloth on the grave, and its intersection was carved into the third line, and was prominently embossed with the Yassin Sura. Some scholars believe that the minarets were later added to the porch, meaning that at that time only a monument without a minaret was built on the tomb of Uncle Abdullah, a masonry containing a brick porch that provided a place for the pilgrims of this hermit . But the history of this simple and valuable building was different 300 years after the construction of the tomb, when the Safavid scholars built two minarets on this mausoleum to make it different from other buildings in the city of Isfahan. The minarets are designed to be shaken, shaking a minaret, and the other shakes, so they are called the minaret.

Another surprise of the time was the construction of this monument, about 800 years ago, as it was said, the date of the monastery of Isfahan dates back to the period of the Ilkhanites (654-736 AH), and to AD (1256-1353 AD), and on the other hand, moving a The minaret not only moves the other minaret, but all its vibrant buildings.

The height of the tomb of Uncle Abdullah is 10 meters tall and the height of each of the two minarets is 7.5 meters. It is located on this vault of Uncle Abdullah, and the way to ascend to the roof and minarets is by a small port connected with a spiral staircase to the roof.

Tourists who travel to different parts of the world have introduced minarets in their observations, which have had the same characteristics elsewhere in the world. There are many enthusiasts in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Experts say the world’s most prominent artists have been made up of a Timorese period of thirty years. But it is undeniable that the monarch of Isfahan has a distinction with other movable minarets, which is that, beyond the movement of the minarets, other parts of the building are also moving.

The rocking minarets for a long time have been questionable to scientists. The mysterious architecture of this building remains ambiguous for many. The most logical reason for moving the minarets is the physical phenomenon of exacerbation or the resonance phenomenon. Because minarets have the same architectural style, shaking will affect one another. But the reason for the jerking of the monster is still uncertain.
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