Square of the world

مهر 04, 1396
Isfahan Square, Isfahan Square, Imam Isfahan Square, is one of the most beautiful and historic fields in Iran. A rectangular field with a length of 507 m and a width of 158 m in the center of Isfahan, Square of the Universe, was registered on the National Iranian Book List on February 13, 1313, and In May 1358, it was one of the first Iranian works to be recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The role of Jahan Square, which after the Islamic Revolution called the official name of the square, has linked four distinct monuments such as the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the Imam’s Mosque, the Qaisery and the Qaisariyya Market of Isfahan, and the Supreme Palace of Qapu, in addition to These two-storeyed two-storey buildings are located around the square, which is generally the place for the supply of handicrafts in Isfahan.

Before the city of Isfahan became the capital of Iran during the Safavid era, there was a large garden in the area called "The role of the universe". The garden was also the location of the state-owned buildings and the palace of the Timurid and Aq Qoyunlu rulers. At that time, the garden field section was called the "Door of the Door". This section is located on the western side of the square as the world today and in the building of the Supreme Qapu Palace.

Kushk Square during the Seljuk period was the death penalty for executions and the holding of some official ceremonies such as the Nowruz celebration. From the beginning of the reign of Shah Abbas I, the surface of the square is much larger than the former Kuwas Square, and many times the ceremonies and fireworks have been set up. Various sources have considered the current formations during the reign of Shah Abbas I and in the year 1011. It is likely that the building of this square will be taken from the map of Hasan Kingsah Square in Tabriz.

In the Qajar period, this square was disregarded like other Isfahan monuments. Parts of the field were destroyed during the Iranian turmoil from Ashraf to the deployment of the Qajar government. The sections of the House of the House were also destroyed during the Qajar period. Since the reign of Reza Shah till today, the repair and renovation work of this building has been continuously continued.

Today, Isfahan Shahshahr Square is one of the Isfahan Walking Tours that travelers and tourists are visiting and visiting Iranian travelers with enthusiasm. What about the role of the world of the universe can be said that this magnificent and magnificent work that has a remarkable reputation in the world has a set of elements and functions that have political, religious, economic, tourist and recreational roles continuously in the art of art and The beauty of Iran and the world shines. This square, along with its complementary spaces and its elements, namely the Qapu Mansion, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Tawhid Khaneh, Qaysariyah, and the bazaar, gathered handicrafts, memorials and souvenirs from different parts of the country, In addition to its historical aspect, it has enjoyed a great deal of popularity among domestic and foreign tourists.
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