Wildlife Park

مهر 02, 1396
The fortified forest park is located 24 km east of Gorgan, along the main road of Gorgan-Mashhad, which includes wildlife parks, welfare facilities and game parks. The forest park is one of the most important promenades in Gorgan, which is being exploited throughout the year. Gorgan Forest Park is one of the most important ecological zones in Iran.

The park’s total area is 650 hectares and is located in a molded environment. The relative height is 105 meters above sea level. Its highest point is 600 meters and the shortest is 40 meters. The average annual rainfall is 633 mm and the minimum annual average temperature is 4.8 and the maximum is 27.5 and the average temperature is 17.8 ° C. The wind flows in the spring and summer from west to east and at night from south to north. The park has two deep wells, which through plumbing, water to the source located in the center of the park on a hill and then connected to the water supply system, which is of high quality in terms of quality.

The park was designed in 1348 by the late Hussein Saeedi Ashtiani, the founder of Iran’s forest parks, and its operation began in 1350. Inside the park, there is a wildlife park (wildlife conservation area). It also has wooden shelters for accommodating visitors and other amenities.

Its habitat is "angelic" and "hornless", and its other species are oak, linden, alder alder, maple, khorramandi and free, and its shrubland and covert habitats are similar to other poppy habitats of Iran.

In this forest park, the protected species of Iranian red deer are maintained and replicated and transferred to other parts of the country for life and regeneration. The wildlife park is known as the Red Deer habitat, red deer is an environmentally protected species.

A visit to the park will take place in the spring and summer months. Water, electricity, sanitation, wildlife parks, children’s parks, wooden shelters, camping and picnic areas, shops and restaurants, security guard and police, roads Asphalt paved cars and sidewalks are covered with forest park facilities
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