مهر 01, 1396
Chaph and Chamkhaleh are a very beautiful and unique coastal area in the province of Gilan, located 10 km east of Langroud, 20 km east of Lahijan, 39 km west of Rudsar. This beautiful area, the nearest beach to Langroud, and one It is one of the tourist destinations of Gilan. Most of the residents of Chamkhale are from Jalvvand and Jahf Lakh province, Kermanshah province, whose dialect is Lakki. The main job of the people of this city is agriculture and fishing, and the agricultural product of this region is rice and watermelon. Among the most important features of the Chhatf and Chamkhaleh tourist town is the establishment of a large part of its land at the edge of the seashore, which has given it a special and exquisite effect. The city was used by the tourists for a long time and after the city of Anzali it was the second tourist harbor and active beach in Guilan.
The Chamkhaleh coast is one of the most beautiful and equipped, as well as the least dangerous beaches in the country, which was selected by the Ministry of the Interior as the best beach in the province in 2011.
This beach is one of the old and beautiful beaches of the region, which before the 1979 Revolution had beautiful beaches and beautiful villas that gradually diminished after the revolution. Nowadays, the city of Chaf and Chamkhala, with its many hotels, residential and affordable, is a great destination for travelers every year. Another important factor in the beauty of Chamkhala River is that it is one of the country’s richest rivers. The depth of the river in some parts reaches 6 meters and at times not too long was the site of the crossing of Russian and Iranian ships. Among other tourist centers of Chamkhala can be a beautiful wetland with various birds and quiet beaches and Becker named it.

Along the beautiful beach of Langroud, the beautiful nature of Layla Mountain and the logic of the palm forest and the orchestra can be a beautiful attraction for the various tourists in its unique beauty during the days of Nowruz.
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