Anzali portland horror cottage

مهر 01, 1396
In the west, there is a very beautiful and wonderful forest, but it is not a good place for the night. The forest, which is said to be night by eye witnesses, has a lot of voices, and in the eastern part of the village that upon arrival you will find that breathing becomes hard and heavy air. But why?
People dare not approach this place. The first time in 1965, 29 years ago, 4 students were trying to test their courage and stay one night there. 2 people would run at night, but the other two would be one of them crazy and the other strode and died there. Of course, the two who fled did not like it. With this death, with this bitter story, the door of the house was sealed, but this was not the end of the story ... Four years later, this time, three female students who tried to prove the rest were not afraid of anything. From behind the house and secretly arrived there, this time a terrible accident was awaited. The next day, they found a girl in a 300-meter-high building in the woods inside the forest. The tree was hidden and shivered with fear and showed with a finger. The bridge was broken and the poor woman was found to be in full swing and the cause of the death of both stroke and death was instantly. The eyes of both were open and spotted, and the third daughter who survived was suicidal four days later to make this bitter story. It has a bitter end. Because of these scary events, it has never been determined.
Out of this case, the house is drained and remotely controlled by the police, and no one has the right to approach this house!
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