Vank Church

مهر 04, 1396
Vank Church or Amna Perkij is a church name in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan. This church is from the historical churches of Armenians of Isfahan and was built during the reign of Shah Abbas II. Vanak means the cathedral in Armenian.

Armenians were brought to Isfahan after the Great Migration, in 1605, on the orders of Shah Abbas II. From the start they began to build a place and built churches in the first place.

Establishment Year: 1065 AH According to 1654 AD

The largest and most beautiful church in Julfa Isfahan
In terms of gilding the ceiling and the interior of the dome and historical paintings are the most beautiful churches in the Julfa Isfahan

Inside the church and all the surrounding walls and its aspects, it is decorated with decorations of oil and gold paintings in Iranian style and images of Christ’s life influenced by Italian painting.

The bell tower in front of the church is in Iranian style and it was built at the time of King Soltan Hussein.

The church is also named San Sour and Amena Perquich, the largest church in Julfa. This magnificent church was built in the year 1015 AH, 1605 AD, on the grounds of the barberry garden, and it was developed after 50 years in 1065 AH 1655 AD.

This church has a huge dome and wrought-iron walls and a long, beautiful arches, which are now the residence of the Armenian Caliphs of Iran and India. The main house of the church, which is a parallelogram, consists of two rectangular sections, the first part of the building and the second part Which is under the dome of the house is the venue for the performance of ceremonies and hymns. The palace walls of the house are covered with multi-colored masonry tiles. In the upper part of the section, beautiful pictures are painted, inspired by the holy books, and decorated the entire surface of the dome. The dome is the story of the creation of Adam and Eve drawn by Armenian painters. Images of Christ Jesus (AS) are also pictured on the beautiful church altar. The exterior of the dome is a church without tiled ornament and is covered with a simple brick.

The Vancek Church has various facilities, such as a museum and a library. The Museum of the Church was built in the year 1322 AH of 1905 AD.

Things that visitors can see in their halls include paintings by European painters who have donated to the church. A number of exquisite linear books are also kept in this museum. Among the exquisite collections of this museum is the Foramini Museum, which during the history of Safavid Iran issued rulers and rulers on Armenians. These commands are very important and significant in terms of the study of Armenian history and are considered as reliable sources.
Another facility is the printing press. The printing house, established by the efforts and initiative of the Armenians of that time, Khachatore Kasarati GZARATSSY in Jolfa, began to work as the first printing house in 1636, and the first book published by it was Sobor Davoud, who from This book is available only in the world and is also held in the city of Oxford, England.

The picture of this book is open to the public at the Museum of the Church. The library of the Church of the Vank is also 25,000 volumes of books as one of the best sources used by Armenian scholars and other religions.
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