Grosmassar Summerland

مهر 01, 1396
On the Ramsar route to Kathalam, there is a paved, beautiful and beautiful path that runs along the most beautiful and most magnificent village in Ramsay, called Gressamassar. Grosmaser has a long history. Grasmazar village is located in the central part of Ramsar, with geographical coordinates of 50 degrees and 35 minutes east longitude and 36 degrees and 49 minutes north latitude, 40 kilometers southwest of Ramsar. The village is divided into north and south mountains of Alborz, east to the village of Bowshi and from the west to the village of Rostam Sar. Grasmazar village has a surface height of 2000 meters and is influenced by mountainous climate, relatively cold winters and mild summers. The annual precipitation is 983 millimeters.

The name of the village of Gressamassar is taken from the castle of Gorzman. The remnants of this castle remain around the village. Moment of the head means a place above the heaven that has been deduced from the natural location of the castle. Over time, the time has changed to Grosmasher. Most likely, this castle is one of the historical works of Hasan Sabah.

Grasmazar Village has beautiful landscapes and natural effects especially in the spring, summer and autumn seasons, attracting many tourists every year. Beautiful countryside around the village, bulky forest cover, and farms and countryside landscapes have astonishing beauty. Hyrcanian forests with varieties of chestnuts, varieties of shamsad. Malch, Acacia and Rush captivate and enchant mankind.
The most famous elevations of the village of Gressamassar, Mount Semamus, are Grasmazar village in the eastern slope and Javaherdeh village in its western northwest. Grasmazar village is one of the most suitable ways to climb this peak. For this reason, many climbers are coming to the village of Gressampar to climb this mountain. The mountains of Zayn-e-Reza and Lappasar are other beautiful peaks of this region.

Other natural effects of Gressampar village include Amirkhani (cold mineral water), Radnanar, Rostam-e-Sarad, Poldad, Four Screws and Grosmazar springs, as well as the beautiful Lappaser resort.

The remnants of the castle wall are made from stone and mortar on a rock cone, dating to the era of Hasan Sabah. This castle dominates the entire perimeter area.

The handicrafts of the Gressamassar Village include a variety of tents, shoulah, chokha, koṣir, sepals, jajim, wad, zeblik, jars, wooden baskets and some wooden containers such as lacquer.

A variety of delicious local delicacies are cooked by rural women. The proximity of the village to Guilan province has influenced the Gilani food culture. Tarshi Tara, Shirin Tareh, Syravage, Placeratra, Boraniya, Chamagh, Mirzakasemi, Blue Peach, Gray Eggplant, Spectaculae and Tibetan Fish are among the local foods of Grasmazar Village.

The historic castle of Gressamassar has been in the vicinity of this beautiful village for more than 10 centuries.

Access to Gressampar:

Gresmaser is located 40 km southwest of Ramsar. It is located on the Ramsar route to Kathalm, which is a paved road, after about 40 km of beautiful forest that runs along the most beautiful and most magnificent village in Ramsar, Grosmasar.

It is recommended to have enough fuel, an extra Japan car, a first aid kit, warm clothes even in the summer, proper shoes and a winter chain chainsaw because of the snowy conditions
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