Villascho-Vulšte lake in Kelardasht district

شهریور 20, 1396
Weshad Lake is one of the 10 freshwater lakes in the area of ​​Kalardasht, providing a good environment for birds and aquatic animals. Other species of herbs and animals are Kelardasht.The Kelardasht’s natural features set the conditions that have long been considered by humans and habitats in this area. Today, much of the evidence found in archeology, ethnology, crafts and traditional arts represents the cultural richness of this region.
The Volhshest mountainous lake is located in the southwest of Chalus and northeast of Kelardasht, at a height of 1,000 meters from the Caspian Sea.
Access to it from Chalous, through the chondonna and the Chalous axis of communication to Tehran, begins after twenty-three kilometers, after the Kojur bridge and passing through the heights and bolts of the forest to the lake. The Volhsh Lake, due to its green landscape and its unique nature, is one of the most spectacular natural heritage of the country, which attracts many tourists every year to visit this area. The presence of uncontrolled tourists over the years has changed the nature of this vulnerable area and its natural ecosystem
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