Villa sho - Harjidan Waterfall on Chalous Road

شهریور 17, 1396
Harjidan Waterfall on Chalous Road
Behind the roadblocks of Chalus, the pristine nature of the uninhabited nature has come to the minds of the few who can enter it. One of these pristine nature is the "Harijan" waterfall, with its water flowing from a range of Alborz mountains.
Within 100 km of the Chalous Road to the north, there is a dirt sub-area that directs you to the protected area of ​​Harijan. At the very beginning, the "Entrance without a license to the Chaloos Environment Bureau" is prohibited; it warns of tours that bring tourists to the area, and it raises the question of whether all tours of tourism tours really do make this license they take?!
Harijan Waterfall

Disintegrated stones also report the hard winters of the area. Every step you take away, the scumbags rush from under the feet, and it looks like a rock. The footsteps of the water below the rocks show the main path. Between the way, the cuckoo and the chamomile have come to fruition; from the face of the cows standing by the water, it can be understood that they are flavored with the smell of the cars they eat.

At least half an hour walked hard and without rest, you reached the first floor of the cascade, but at times it was
possible to find the route from the cows that climbed to the top of the cascade.

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