Sissangan Forest Park

آبان 11, 1396
Familiar with the Forest Park of Sisangan Crossing the forest and the sea
The Si Sangan Forest Park, located 35 km from Noshahr, was created in 1344 with the suggestion and design of engineer Ashtiani and his name was spoken. Park Si Sangan from the north to the Caspian Sea, from the south to the mountains of Alborz, from the west to the village of Toshkatek and from the east to the village of Salahuddin Kalah. Its total area is 602 km and is covered by varieties of trees, shrubs, herbs and animals.
The main mission of the park was to protect rare species of Shamshad and other species of plants and animals, but gradually added other attractions and attractions and turned the park into one of the most famous parks in the forest and coastal areas of Mazandaran. Of course, the Si-Sangan is still the only Shamshad reservoir in Iran and the Middle East and has a large area of ​​forest and coastal vegetation. Of the famous species in the forest park of Sisangan, other than Shamshad, oaks are sometimes found at altitudes of up to 2 meters; oaks that have shaded on the coast of the Caspian Sea and have a special role Coastal nature park. From the sea side, which moves towards the forest park, we increase the height of the park and reaches a height of 50 meters. This park is one of the best and most valuable natural nature parks in Iran, which provides both resorts and welfare facilities for the well-being of tourists both in the coastal area and in the forest district.
In the description of the forest park of Sisangan, one can talk very much about its beauty, walking on the tranquil beaches of the Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world, cycling in the Hirkani forests, riding a boat from the sea of ​​Mazandaran to the camp in The heart of nature in northern Iran is from a horse riding on a sandy beach to the photography of the dazzling colors of aesthetic trees. This is just a corner of the entertainment and sights that the Si Sangan Park brings to you.
In addition to fun and special events, special events such as dance and folk music, fireworks, television series in open cinema, and the implementation of various competitions adds to the attractiveness of the complex and the park.
The beach section of the Si Sangan Park offers many attractions and attractions and lots of fun in front of you. A four-wheel drive cart and drive that gives you the excitement and speed to ride a boat, a jet ski and a shuttle that will take you to various beach lounges. In addition, beachfront cafes and restaurants, children’s playgrounds, horseback riding on the beach and alabaster will be a great time for you.
For lovers of thrill, the Cincinnati Beach Park Cincinnati can be a fantastic place. This track is one of the most equipped carting tracks in northern Iran, with four-wheelers and remote control cars adding to the excitement of your trip.
- Quicksilver motors of Si-Sangan Beach
Carting is not the only recreational and emotional part of the Si Sangan Beach Park. Four-wheel motors can also help your adrenaline raise your bloodstream and provide you with a new, engaging experience.
jet ski
The pleasure of riding a jet ski and driving on the waters of the Caspian Sea is one of the other recreationals that Tsinkanan Beach Resort gives you, but when using it, be careful not to suffer any damage.
Boating and Marine Shuttle
Among the attractions that are used abundantly on the northern coast of Iran is a boat ride that, along with the family and with safety precautions, it can be extremely pleasurable and seaworthy to watch the beauty of the beach of Sisangan.
In addition to sailing, sea shuttles are also another kind of water recreation that gives you excitement and pleasure.
There is a variety of alphabets and bars for sitting, resting and staying in the passengers at the edge of the coastline of the Si-Sangan Park, to sit beside them to watch the magnificent sea of ​​Mazandaran and its beauty.
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