How to eat healthy during a healthy trip?

آذر 07, 1396
Just because you’re traveling does not mean you need to eat fast, but eat something that makes your fatigue less frustrated.
Choosing the best foods will have a positive effect on your leisure time. As well as athletes know, healthy food will keep human energy levels up. The food you eat on the road is used as your travel repair bag.
Here are some tips to help with your health when traveling or traveling with your friends:
1. Eating healthy is where you stop!
If you are on the road and stop fast, choosing your food will be limited to instant food. But it is fierce that you prepare a solid or healthy food before a grocery store, carrots, nuts, salads, then you increase your chances of fasting and reduce the unwanted food temptation.
2. Eat more times and fewer!
Eating a small amount of healthy foods throughout the day, a signal to your brain says that the supply of food is abundant, so that calories can be quickly burned in this way.
Eating too much calorie in a meal, even if they have healthy calories, sends your brain’s message that there are plenty of extra calories in the wrong times, so these calories are stored as fat. Eating too much at one serving can also slow down your sleepiness
3. Take lots of protein
Your body needs to eat the right amount of whole protein, containing all the essential amino acids - for your weight and activity level, ensures your blood glucose (avoids energy delays), increases concentration and keeps you strong and stable. He takes
When you need energy for long walks, a long drive or one day at the beach, strengthen your body with high quality protein.
4. Pack the snacks
Often when we travel, we do not have access to regular food at regular intervals. Or worse, we’re eating, not just our food! So then we can have this great piece of chocolate cake. The problem is that your body faces a shortage of food and your metabolism will quickly disappear to prevent hunger.
Put your healthy snacks in your car or backpack to keep your mind and body healthy. Examples of almonds, raw vegetables and humus, yogurt and berries, fresh and dried fruits and cooked eggs.
5. Avoid "bad feeling" foods
You know what these are: They are not your favorite food, you feel bad or bad after eating. When you are on the road, you need to avoid foods that evacuate your energy and eliminate your mood.
Foods to avoid: (1) Simple carbohydrates or high glycemic foods such as fruit juice, soda, refined grain or sweetmeats; (2) deep fried; (3) non-dairy and sweets They are loaded with chemicals that your body can not easily metabolize. (4) Anything is hydrogenated (including Nabla worms, Jebee peanut butter, Margarine and more cooked); and (5) Extra alcohol.
6. Drink lots of water
Yes, water is food. Your body needs water for almost all functions. Eating plenty of water will keep you from rotting toxins, keeping your skin fresh and helping you eat less. It also helps prevent trips, excessive exposure to heat or sun and unwanted food.
Believe it or not, many of the unpleasant concerns that we experience on the road can be eroded with a fresh drink of pure water.
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