Cruise ship and the beaches of Mazandaran!

فروردین 14, 1397
Nowruz 97 was finished and there is still no news of a cruise ship on the coast of Mazandaran!
Due to the 14% increase in domestic travelers during the Nowruz period, officials should pay attention to the fact that the lack of passengers in Iran needs more entertainment programs. There are currently many recreational boats on the island of Kish, But Mazandaran, with this high capacity, unfortunately still performs very poorly in recreational activities. Nowruz concerts in northern Iran can only cover a very small part of recreational programs.
The presence of mountains, forests and seas in this country’s polar region requires more vigorous strategic plans for attracting tourists.
We hope that in the not-so-distant future, there will be significant changes in northern Iran, which will increase the income of the inhabitants of this region and improve the economic situation in northern Iran.
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