What is tourism?

آبان 22, 1396
What is tourism?
Although many of us have sometimes been "tourists" in our lives, it is difficult to determine the meaning of tourism. Tourism is the activity of people who travel for more than one consecutive year and live in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes.
Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that needs to be able to continuously adapt to the needs and demands of its customers, because customer satisfaction, safety and pleasure are specifically focused on the concentration of tourism businesses.
Tourism includes:
Overseas tourism
Outside tourism is something you are more familiar with. This includes people who go from Iran to other countries. For example, go to Hawaii for a holiday in overseas tourism.
Inbound tourism
Tourists coming from other cities to your city are called tourists. The global market is competing for tourists in the United States, Japan, Germany and many other countries to attract tourists. The industry also launches marketing campaigns aimed at attracting travelers.
Domestic tourism
Almost half of the tourists per year are actually from the province. For example, from one of the most lush green towns of Mazandaran, such as Noor to Ramsay.
Tourism departments
There are several ways to measure the size of the tourism industry, because tourism is not defined in the usual ways in which industries are defined, such as production, forestry and other industries. Tourism offers a wide range of products and services for visitors. However, the trade also offers products and services to local residents.
Unfortunately, the tourism industry in these days has seen a decline in activity, although cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz still host many tourists, but tourism needs more coherent and precise plans.
The north of the country hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists annually, and is particularly popular with the geographic location, such as easy access to the sea and the mountains.
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